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Recycled wood becomes a trend in decoration

Decorating a house, an office or a business is always a hard task, as there are many possibilities in the market that might meet the space necessities.

A good choice consists of decorating with recycled wood, so that apart from having a different and special touch, it helps to preserve and look after the environment. The origin of this style lies in a simple trend which will only last a few months. Now decorating with wood has become much more than a trend, it is a powerful and original style which has many followers, not only in interior designs decorations, but also to ornament zones or shops at the shopping centres.

Recycled wood

The question is: why should we decorate with recycled wood if we can have new furniture in the market at a good price? The answer is very simple: one can decorate rooms, businesses or offices,following the latest trends, but then the personal touch would disappear. It would only be a piece of furniture that one could buy for a determined service.  However, decorating with recycled wood would add a personal and cozy style, as the material really needs to be treated personally to leave it in the desired conditions.

A good example of what can be carried out with recycled wood in decoration is the reuse of an old cupboard as a new bookcase. Or also some pallets which are converted into tables or funny armchairs; or doors which are converted into attractive headboards or decorative walls. There are so many possibilities and the final work can be so varied, as there are a lot of ideas and suggestions that can be found on the web or in specialised shops.

Recycled wood

There are many architects that use this trend in their designs and projects. They know wood can emphasize architecture clearly, creating a unique and comfortable atmosphere, to guarantee the success of the building. Natural wood provides that cozy touch and that characteristic smell that takes you to the purest nature. For this reason, it is not difficult to see integrated wood in a restaurant, studio, shop and even a museum which would like to give its rooms that rustic and enigmatic touch that everybody likes, and specially in a place where history and art are mixed together.

If we want to get an original and ecological decoration, which respects the environment; a decoration that is trendy for many years; a decoration that impresses everyone; a decoration that, apart from offering a cozy and different atmosphere, is economical. If these are all the concepts we pretend to achieve, the best option is to decorate your house, office, shop or restaurant with recycled wood.

Recycled wood

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