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The use of wood in office design

Wood has emerged as a material which is suitable in forming the design and construction of workplace offices. Therefore , it has become an alternative for many prestigous acchitecture studies and is ready to be implemented into the office.

Wood has not achieved the importance it deserves, but it is noteworthy and holds an ever growing presence in the workspaces of the United States, central Netherlands and Northern Europe.

Wood in office design

There are various advantages that wood can bring to the office. Firstly , the fact that wood is the most natural construction material needs to be taken into consideration. For a time wood became more popular than other materials such as plastic and aluminium were used, however wood holds a natural character and a modern style. In fact, wood is very present in interior design styles that, today, are in vogue, such as industrial , rustic, Scandinavian or vintage . These trends, moreover, are no longer reflected only in homes, but they are also implemented in the workplace . The main objective is to create warm and welcoming environments. Environments, in short, that serve to combat boredom and encourage the desire to go to work (creativity, serenity, etc.).

Wood in office design

It should also be noted that wood is a very versatile material, both in furniture as, for example, on the walls . It is no longer solely limited to finishes and parquet flooring . Not surprisingly, this versatility facilitates the integration of wood in urban and rural environments including fast assembly base of support and diverse elements. In fact, it is possible to dip prefabricated and modular structures so that deadlines are shortened and offices can be easily removable, expandable or reusable .

It is also to be noted that wood, because of its insulating conditions, allows relining of heat in buildings, which, ultimately, leads to energy saving . Furthermore, wood favors a virtuous combination with natural light and glass and this maintains a premium line at all times. Wood also tends to add a sleek look to offices. Apart from this, one should also note that is possible to build with wood and protect the environment due to the use of products certified as eco- friendly. Finally, it is worth mentioning that there have been many companies that have set an example by a distinctive touch of wood inside their offices : Red Bull, Grand Gift, Horizon Media or the architectural firm of David Baker among others, are some of those that use wood in their workspaces .

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