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Wood in your mobile devices

Wood has been the victor in 2017. This high-quality material had been forgotten for years and sidelined as too classical, but for the last few seasons, wood has resurfaced so strongly that we find it not only in decor but in all kinds of objects and even in technology. The furore for wood has even reached mobile devices as many accessories are now being made with this material.

Smart phones made with wood

Materials with which phones are made change and become updated as the years, fashion and technology go by. The latest is to manufacture them with a wooden finish to give them the elegance and distinction to make them a ‘premium’ object. In this way, makes such as Motorola or One Plus have joined in as the telephones are easier to hold and are more environmentally friendly than others made with other materials.

Even if they are not made from wood, we can also give our mobile that special touch by using covers made from this wood. They are more affordable and we can change them when we get tired of them. Saying that, they are very up to date and totally on trend. There are for all the different models and types of mobile, you can even choose the colour and the type of wood you most like for the device.

Smart wooden watches

The wooden trend has also reached smart watches. It can be found in straps or in the face surround. One step more is the intelligent model from the Tokyoflash Japan make which is made completely from this wonderful material. It is so smart, that it does not even have visible numbers and indicates the time and the date via lighting. Using light or vibrations, the telephone alerts us to incoming calls, emails, sms or chats.

Without being so futuristic or taking such risks, there are other smart watches which simply include wood in the strap to give it that cool and modern touch. It gives that little bit extra to the design as well as the elegance which wood always provides.


Tablets and laptop covers

We can also find covers for our tablets made with wood. Sustainable, hard wearing and a very modern solution to protect your mobile device.

And for our laptops, the trend is a return to this fine material with covers or even with handcrafted briefcases. In this way, our computers become a valuable object both in themselves and in the way in which they are protected.


Wooden supports

Technology advances very quickly and so do the gadgets and objects that surround it. The latest are the wooden supports which are not only used to charge our telephones but are also decorative and for storage. It´s a fantastic way to surprise someone.

Wood on our desk

Our work desk is a place where harmony and order should reign. In addition, more and more attention is paid to the way in which we tidy our objects and how we distribute them on our desk. And the trend is for a touch of wood to be present on our work desks in the form of computer supports or in the keyboard. In this way, these objects provide warmth at the same time as fulfilling their technological function.

As you can see, wood is very present in technology. It does seem strange that a material that is so old and noble goes so well with the avant garde and modernity of mobile devices.

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