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Wooden stairs: a lesson in sustainability.

An old ladder rescued from your grandparents, from the house in the village, make one yourself using planks… Wooden ladders are very easy to make and can modernise your style at very low cost, offer endless decorative possibilities and be useful.

The great names in interior design and decor, articles in the most prestigious magazines and thousands of specialised blogs think of them as the perfect way to adorn a room, give a different touch to an event or provide a ladder with a completely different use to what you’d expect.

Wood lovers have yet another element to include in the decor of their house, business or event. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Magazine stand or bookcase

Use a wooden ladder to decorate a reading corner by hanging magazines from the rungs thereby keeping them on hand at the same time as being decorative. Hang a blanket on one of the rungs too to keep you snug in winter and give the place a warm touch.

You can also set up your reading corner in the living room or decorate part of a room with a wooden stepladder that works as a shelf on which to keep your favourite books, those you like to read over and over again. Hang a light and some personal object or plant and you will have your very own library decorated to your taste.


  • Shoe cupboard or dressing room

If you are one of those whose wardrobe always lacks space, you can use a wooden ladder balanced on some planks as the typical metallic rail but with a natural and different touch. Use it to hang up next day’s outfit, the accessories you use the most, your day-to-day bag or rucksack … A very functional and original option.

You can also turn your wooden stepladder into a shoe rack in which the pairs are organized by colour, size, etc. It will form part of the decoration of the room or dressing room at the same time as being very practical.

  • Photo display

Now that we take everyday photos with our smartphones, printed photos are disappearing from our homes. With a wooden stepladder you can create a display of your favourite photos, those that bring back happy memories, of the people you love… You only need string or hooks and different sized frames in different styles and to place your ladder somewhere visible and it’ll bring a smile to your face every day.


  • The entrance to your house

If you don’t know how to decorate the entrance of your house because you have little space and you are looking for something useful, go for a wooden ladder. Make it into an original looking wall rack where you can hang your handbags, umbrellas or scarves or turn it into indirect lighting using a very fashionable garland in colours which match the walls.

  • Start your ‘vertical garden’

If you like greenery but you don’t know how to create a space for your plants, put them on a wooden stepladder. Place different leaved plants, different coloured flowers and a creeper to grow through it to make a type of ‘vertical garden’. It is sure to become one of the favourite spaces in the house.


  • A piece of bathroom furniture

Use the steps of a ladder as shelves on which to place your beauty products or pretty boxes for smaller things, etc. You can also use it as a towel rack or even add baskets to the steps to make them into practical shelves or as occasional furniture.

  • A rustic touch at a wedding or other event

At a wedding, a wooden stepladder on which to place a light-filled garland, the table plan, wooden letters to form the word ‘love’ or the initials of the bride and groom and some flowers which go with the rest of the decor give that extra romantic touch to the wedding venue.


At another kind of event, you can use it as a tray for drinks or a shelf for material or folders which those attending the event may need. It will always look great at an outdoor event.

As you can see, the options are very varied, as far as our imagination can stretch. You can transform different types of ladders into a work table, a bedside table, a headboard, a display area in your own shop … And we’ll leave it there as otherwise we will never finish!

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