Where to place a wallpaper in a living room

30 January, 2024

Thinking about decorating your home with a wallpaper? We explain you where to put wallpaper in your living room and which designs fit best.

How to decorate a bedroom with wallpaper

24 January, 2024

Do you want to decorate your bedroom with wallpaper? At L'Antic Colonial we explain how to do it, where to place it and which designs to choose.

How to decorate a children’s room with wallpaper

28 December, 2023

Tips for decorating a children's room with wallpaper: discover the unique and original designs of L'Antic Colonial.

Bathroom trends and bathroom reforms for 2024

14 December, 2023

Everything you need to know about bathroom trends for 2024: materials, tones and accessories to give your home a unique look.

Home décor trends for 2024

29 November, 2023

Seeking balanced and relaxing environments with natural materials as protagonists, the main trends for home decoration next year.

Flooring trends for 2024

21 November, 2023

Are you planning to remodel your home? Check out the main flooring trends for 2024 and some tips for choosing the best flooring for your property.

What is beige marble? Uses and applications

31 October, 2023

Beige marble is a recommended option to give warmth to your home. A material suitable for bathrooms, kitchens or high traffic areas.

What is grey marble? Uses and applications

19 October, 2023

Grey marble can present a wide range of chromaticism, from pearly tones to graphite, almost black.

What is black marble? Uses and applications

27 September, 2023

Black marble has established itself as an exclusive and elegant stone, and kitchens and bathrooms made of this material leave no one indifferent.

What is white marble? Uses and applications

20 September, 2023

White marble floors and walls never go out of style. We will explain how to use this material and how to integrate it in kitchens and bathrooms.

Which is better AC4 or AC5?

29 August, 2023

Not sure if you choose AC4 or AC5 flooring for your renovation? Discover the difference between the two and tips to choose the best laminate flooring.

What does AC4 mean in laminate flooring?

14 August, 2023

Looking for a resistant, durable and economical flooring? AC4 laminate flooring offers excellent value for money with a matte or glossy wood finish.

What is AC5 laminate flooring?

27 July, 2023

Learn more about AC5 laminate flooring: features, properties, uses, prices and our best options as manufacturers.

What is AC6 flooring?

17 July, 2023

Are you looking for a laminate floor with the best properties? AC6 is a high quality laminate flooring with the highest resistance in the market.

All about the FSC ® (FSC-C028812) certification: what is it and what is it for?

29 June, 2023

Certifications such as FSC ® (FSC-C028812) guarantee that our wooden floors come from sustainable forests and environmentally friendly processes.

What is the PEFC certificate ?

14 June, 2023

Discover the importance of certifying wood for sustainable construction ➔ Learn all about PEFC certification with L’Antic Colonial.

Marble vs granite: what is the difference?

31 May, 2023

Granite and marble are two natural stones that never go out of fashion. But which one offers better results for the home?

The different types of marble

17 May, 2023

Discover the different types of marble, its features and unique applications. We help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Flooring for outdoor patios

26 April, 2023

Learn about the best outdoor patio floors ☝ and how to make the best choice for your backyard.

How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom

13 April, 2023

Mirrors bring beauty and elegance to spaces. Learn how to choose the best one for your bathroom.

How to choose the best type of marble for your home

27 March, 2023

Are you planning to use marble for your home? We guide you on the types of marbles and best applications in each case

Marble bathrooms: advantages and inspiration for your home

20 March, 2023

Have you decided on marble for your bathroom? Don’t miss these ideas and inspirations on how to use it.

Ceramic tiles: what they are, types and options for your home

24 February, 2023

Learn all about ceramic tiles: how they differ and the best options for your home or business.

Natural materials vs. tiles

14 February, 2023

Not sure whether to choose natural or ceramic wall tiles for your home? ➦ Check the advantages and disadvantages of each material

Decoration trends for 2023

31 January, 2023

With the arrival of 2023, we take a look at the main decoration trends for this year. Which ones will you choose?

What is natural wood: what types exist

24 January, 2023

What exactly is natural wood? Learn about its applications, all the types of natural wood, and its many aesthetic and functional advantages.

Oak parquet: avant-garde designs for your home

27 December, 2022

Discover all the advantages of natural oak parquet flooring: characteristics, uses, applications, designs and collections by L'Antic Colonial.

Slate stone: applications at home

19 December, 2022

Slate stone is a versatile material with many different applications in a home. It can be used in exteriors and interiors. Get inspired with us!

What is travertine stone: uses and applications

30 November, 2022

Travertine stone is a building and decorative material used since Roman times. Find out about its uses and applications in the home.

The naive style: a new trend in interior decoration

24 November, 2022

What defines the naive style? Check out our ideas on how to apply an innocent and sweet touch to your home with the naif style

Tips to add warmth to your home

31 October, 2022

Wood floors and furniture will be your best ally if you are looking to bring a feeling of warmth in your home. Check all our tips!

What is biophilic design?

17 October, 2022

Biophilic design aims to evoke natural elements (plants, water, light, etc.) and reconnect human beings with nature.

Differences between SPC and WPC vinyl flooring

26 September, 2022

Are you thinking about changing your floor but are undecided between SPC and WPC flooring? Learn the differences with us

Advantages of having the same flooring throughout my house

9 September, 2022

We tell you the advantages of having the same floor throughout the house and the best materials choose this.

Is it worth putting underfloor heating?

26 August, 2022

Water underfloor heating is a versatile and efficient heating system, especially when combined with renewable energy.

Tips for decorating walls and floors with mosaic tiles

18 August, 2022

Mosaic tiling should be based on the idea of "less is more". This type of proposal involves a combination of shapes, materials, color and textures.

Ideas on how to decorate a hotel reception

19 July, 2022

Materials and furniture play a crucial role when it comes to decorating a hotel reception, find out the keys to make it!

What is WPC flooring?

14 July, 2022

WPC flooring is one of the best alternatives for homes and workplaces - discover all its advantages!

Advantages of wall hung washbasins for the home

27 June, 2022

Wall-hung washbasins are one of the top trends in bathroom decoration - improve design and save space in small bathrooms!

What is SPC flooring?

20 June, 2022

Learn all about SPC flooring, a type of flooring with the best aesthetic and functional performance for your home or business.

The best floors for a home with pets

30 May, 2022

Are you looking for the best pet flooring?☝Our recommendations are ceramic, natural stone and laminate flooring.

What is the best flooring for offices?

20 May, 2022

Basic guide to the best floors for offices. ➔ Learn what criteria to follow to make the right choice

Dark or light floors: how to choose the right option

25 April, 2022

Choosing dark or light flooring will depend on different factors, such as the type of housing, the space, and decorative style.

5 basic tips to design the kitchen of your dreams

14 April, 2022

Do not miss the main aesthetic and functional aspects when designing a kitchen: island design, colors, lighting, space optimization and more

Bathroom wallpaper ideas: create a unique space

29 March, 2022

Do you want to give your bathroom a unique touch? Wallpaper can be a great option. Read on to find why