Can you install vinyl flooring on walls?

26 February, 2021

Vinyl is a material that has become very popular in the last few years and many designers use it in their projects. If you are reforming your home and want to bet on something new and different, one of the trends is to install vinyl flooring on walls, which also have great technical characteristics. In...

The 5 steps for cleaning vinyl floors perfectly

26 February, 2021

One of the best qualities of vinyl flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain, which is why most people choose this option for their home. At L’Antic Colonial we will tell you how to clean vinyl floors in 5 steps to make them look spectacular every day. 1  Vinyl Floor Cleaning Guide1.1...

Do you need underlayment for vinyl flooring?

26 February, 2021

Installing vinyl flooring correctly is significant to guarantee the best results and, therefore, be able to enjoy beautiful and exclusive spaces in your home, in a commercial establishment or in a hotel. Underlayment for vinyl flooring is a fundamental aspect, since depending on the type of model it will be necessary or not. In this...

The 8 best luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen

26 February, 2021

If you are thinking of reforming the cuisine of your home perhaps you are looking for the best luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen which combines perfectly with the furniture and electrical appliances. Vinyl floors will not only bring beauty to the room but also contain a series of technical characteristics that make them the...

Guide for choosing the best floor option for your retail shop

25 February, 2021

Are you having trouble choosing the best flooring for your retail shop? In L’Antic Colonial we have selected a wide range of alternatives that will help you selecting only the best one for you and for your shop. Here is where good taste and professionality meet, only to show you the best ideas to embellish...

The 15 best luxury vinyl floors for your home

25 February, 2021

Are you designing your own project or thinking about renovating your home and don’t know what type of flooring to install? Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile, economical materials with excellent properties that you can find on the market. From L’Antic Colonial we have brought you a list of the best luxury vinyl...

What is the best floor type for hotel rooms?

25 February, 2021

Choosing the best flooring for hotels is not as simple as it looks. So, we make the best decision, we should take into consideration not only the design but also the materials we will count on. Today in L’Antic Colonial we show you the best floor types for hotel rooms and some extra tips to get you started. 1...

The best types of vinyl flooring

25 February, 2021

Vinyl floors are an excellent option for those who are renovating their home or a public space, such as hotels and restaurants and are looking for high quality and resistant coverings. In L’Antic Colonial’s catalog you will find a great variety of different types of vinyl floors. You will find more details about each of...

What’s the best vinyl flooring for your home?

2 January, 2021

If you are thinking of reforming or building a house and do not know which is the best vinyl flooring for your home, in this post article from L’Antic Colonial we give you some tips to choose the most suitable.

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring: Which to choose?

2 January, 2021

If you’re looking for materials for the construction or renovation of your home, and you would like to know the differences between laminate vs. vinyl flooring to know which one to choose, in this post from L’Antic Colonial we tell you everything you need to know.

What is vinyl flooring? The Buying guide

2 January, 2021

Do you know what a vinyl flooring is? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of flooring? From L’Antic Colonial we bring you a buying guide about the characteristics of this material and answer the question of what is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring has many properties that make it one of the...

Ideas for a natural stone kitchen with island

25 December, 2020

Natural stone kitchens with islands have been very popular in North America since the 80s, nowadays it is a trend due to its numerous aesthetic and functional benefits. You will find in many homes that the design of the kitchen mostly has an island.

Porcelain vs Natural Stone. Which is better for paving?

25 December, 2020

Whatever the room in the house, the flooring must be chosen appropriately and taking into account the different characteristics of the materials, which is why you may be asking yourself: What is the difference between porcelain vs. natural stone?

Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Their pros and cons

18 October, 2020

Both natural stone and ceramic are two materials that due to their excellent properties are widely used by great professionals such as architects or interior designers.

Ideas for using natural stone in your bathroom

19 September, 2020

As the rest of the rooms in a house, the bathroom also deserves attention when it comes to decoration, so we must pay attention to details in order to give it a distinctive touch in design. Natural stone bathrooms are an excellent idea if you are looking for a project that transmits beauty, elegance and...

Types of natural stone for your home

31 July, 2020

Natural stone has been one of the most used elements in construction since the beginning of time due to its excellent characteristics. There are many types of natural stone used to decorate your home, in this article from L’Antic Colonial we tell you about the most used by experts: 1 Granite2 Marble3 Slate4 Onyx5 Quartzite6...

Ideas for Natural Stone Flooring

31 July, 2020

Natural Stone flooring is the perfect choice if you are looking for an original alternative to parquet or other types of floors. The resistance, durability, versatility and impermeability made natural stone a success. When designing a house, the floor becomes the key element for the decoration, for this reason it is important to choose a...

Natural Stone Paving: How to choose the best one

22 July, 2020

Natural stone paving has the power to transform an ordinary home into a comfortable and elegant. The advantages offered by this type of material are innumerable, which is why it is one of the most used by the professionals when it comes to the design of a home. Natural stone paving brings an aesthetic beauty...

10 reasons you should use natural stone cladding

22 July, 2020

Natural stone is one of the elements most highly valued by professionals when it comes to choosing the material to clad the facade of a building. Using natural stone cladding for your project is definitely a great choice. There are many benefits derived from the use of natural stone cladding, among others, because it is...

XVII ideas of mosaics for bathrooms

7 June, 2020

Until recently, the bathroom was the stay of the home that was not given so much attention when it came to decoration. In recent times this has changed and there are so many experts which consider the bathroom one of the stays more important of a house, so, in this case, mosaic bathroom is the...

The best mosaic floors for your home

7 June, 2020

Select mosaic flooring to install at your home could be the best option if you are looking to provide your home a great style and personality. Mosaics flooring are characteristics because of their versatility. You can put this material into walls, floors and surfaces, and they are always going to give to your home a...

Tips on laying Victorian mosaics – Everything you need to know

24 May, 2020

From L’Antic Colonial we trust on the elegance and sophistication these types of mosaics will give to the decoration of your house.  However, laying Victorian mosaics is not an easy task. There are multiple aspects that you should know before you start installing them on your home. Today we help you to have everything settled...

Guide to choosing and installing glass mosaic in your house

17 April, 2020

The mosaic is an unique element that can bring out all the personality of your decoration. If you are considering one for your own house, there are several steps that you should follow. Today we will show you our guide to installing glass mosaic in any room of your residence. 1 Material you will need2...

Pros and cons of glass mosaics on shower floor

3 April, 2020

Deciding what kind of materials you are going to use on the decoration of your bathroom is complicated. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right mosaic, like the colours, the shapes, the sizes… Can you glass mosaic tiles on our shower floor? Glass mosaics can really change the...

Moodboard Revolution, materials that tell stories.

23 September, 2019

• The L’Antic Colonial web application helps to show the textures and colors of their natural collections and the aesthetic possibilities of each design. • Architects Ramón Esteve and Fran Silvestre, among others, showed the creations they have made with this app at the Porcelanosa store in Valencia. • Fran Silvestre: “Moodboard helps to have a clear combination of...

L’Antic Colonial will represent natural products at Cersaie

19 September, 2019

Bologna, 2019. Cersaie International Exhibition. From 23rd to 27th September, Hall 26 Stand A296-B198, Porcelanosa Grupo’s Premium stand will host the natural products of L’Antic Colonial. Wood, stone and mosaic are the materials that will be combined with other Porcelanosa Grupo firms such as Krion, Gamadecor and Noken. The new products from L’Antic Colonial, presented...

Discover the new interactive catalogue from L’Antic Colonial.

9 July, 2019

L’Antic Colonial presents its new interactive catalogue, an app that allows you to browse and choose the materials for each project in the most intuitive way. This new application is now available for download on mobile devices and tablets through the main platforms (AppStore and Google Play). It can also be accessed online through the...

Moodboard from L’AC: materials that tell stories.

4 July, 2019

L’Antic Colonial presents Moodboard, a new tool that allows you to easily capture the visual universe that surrounds each interior design, architecture or decoration project. It is a user friendly application that guides us through four simple steps to obtain a final design that synthesizes the essence of each project. Moodboard provides users with different...

L’Antic Colonial reinvents its showroom for the XXVI Mostra

17 January, 2019

The 26th edition of the Porcelanosa Group Exhibition will begin on January 21st. L’Antic Colonial, a company focused on natural products, aims to take the spotlight with its renewed image. Nature, innovation, technology and the strong bet for the new image of the company are the values that reinforce L’Antic Colonial’s showroom. A space in...

Natural Wood Shelves

10 January, 2019

Natural wood shelves are a classic that in recent times is taking a special role in the aesthetics of the home. This furniture product has different sizes and uses and has become a value for the user. Thus, depending on the space where they are located, the features of the wooden shelves will be different....

Small format, endless possibilities

18 December, 2018

Creative freedom with Rhombus ceramics The Rhombus collection allows each user to carry out a particular setting. Choosing the style with which to cover the walls of any space is a reality thanks to this ceramic with a rhombus format. Traditional handmade ceramics that combines style and imagination in this collection of L’Antic Colonial. Its...

Mosaics full of personality and design

28 November, 2018

1 Stone Mosaics, long life transformed into design2 Nature at home3 Mix Mosaics, compositions that go the extra mile4 Metallic brightness5 Glass elements for stylish interiors Stone Mosaics, long life transformed into design Natural stone is a long-lasting, durable and classic material. This last feature breaks with the innovation of mosaic designs. The stone can...

Natural Wood brings warmth to gastronomy

20 November, 2018

Natural wood is in fashion, so much so that in gastronomy, presentations take on a special appearance thanks to this natural element. So, there are different utilities that we can satisfy with this type of product. In this way almost any element can be accompanied by natural wood. The possibilities are different, although always with...

Alessandria, natural wood with a strong personality

7 November, 2018

Its marked knots and format mark this natural wood collection The essence of nature brings warmth to any space The Alessandria wood collection features a large number of knots, enabling nature to pave any space with a lively, rough and natural look. Its appearance is reminiscent of the bark of trees thanks to the perfect...

Home Interior Design with Natural Stone

24 October, 2018

Natural stone in the home, home in natural stone. Two concepts, one common idea. Integrating this material into the most common elements of everyday life offers us a must for beauty in our home. In the elements where it is more usual to find natural stone, such as tables or chairs, we can appreciate distinctive...

Natural wood gives life to a Lisbon home

17 October, 2018

Architect Mariana Morgado, along with Architect Your Home, his architectural studio, has undertaken a single-family home project in the Portuguese city of Lisbon. In this work, the general flooring and other additions are coated with natural wood from L’Antic Colonial. A modern style that blends minimalism with a rustic design, as this is a home...

Natural wood mosaics, the perfect decoration for the home

11 October, 2018

Natural wood never ceases to surprise us and offer us different possibilities of use and decoration. In this case, mosaics capture all the essence and warmth of wood. A product that is sustainable, pleasant and lively. Natural products offer us a must in home decoration. Pieces that, transformed into mosaics, create special and striking corners...

New innovations from L’Antic Colonial on show at Cersaie 2018

2 October, 2018

The natural essence of L’Antic Colonial was present at the Cersaie 2018 trade fair. Its new innovations could be glimpsed at Porcelanosa Grupo’s Premium Stands, and their philosophy felt in each of these products. In this sense, some of the most distinguished features were encapsulated in mosaics, ceramics and natural wood. 1 Metal elegance with Metal and Gravity2 Rhombus, essence of the Mediterranean3 Royal, the...

Natural Stone in fashion

26 September, 2018

Natural stone is an elegant, classic and mesmerising product. Features that allow you to combine with the current trends in fashion. Complements and styles that bring together two areas of great status and popularity. Thus, the presence of stone in almost any jewellery accessory could not be missing. Earrings, rings or necklaces are some of...

L’Antic Colonial will be at Cersaie 2018

20 September, 2018

Once again at the Cersaie 2018 exhibition, L’Antic Colonial will be showcasing its new products at Porcelanosa Grupo’s Premium stand. The exhibition, located in the Italian city of Bologna, will be held between 24 and 28 September and will serve to discover the latest ideas and trends of the year. In this case mosaics, ceramics...

An inspiring story of living

12 September, 2018

The warmth of home imbued in natural wood. A soft natural color that enhances the spaciousness of the place it is installed in, together with furniture that creates an outstanding combination for any home. The natural wood that predominates in the space is shown in two different installation methods, though the same L’Antic Colonial reference...

Wood in construction and architecture

5 September, 2018

Wood’s qualities probably make it the most outstanding material for construction. As a renewable building resource, wood is environmentally friendly and consumes the least amount of energy during manufacture. Although new materials have emerged over time, wood still remains one of those most used today. In both domestic residences and public spaces or buildings, the...

Marble, natural stone par excellence

14 August, 2018

Stone is a long-lasting material, a fragment of nature that does not know anything about similarities. That is why we will never find two identical pieces, as there are streaks, shade variations, and typical natural material characteristics that make it unique and unrepeatable. In this case we are focusing on marble. Natural stone par excellence,...

A story inspired by nature

7 August, 2018

The bathroom is the most private room at home, the space where privacy takes on a special value. Today we are presenting a bathroom space full of character, elegance, and sophistication. A place to relax and unwind in a natural environment. This suggestive space has natural materials that bring warmth and sophistication in a setting...

Bioprot treatment for Natural Stone

7 August, 2018

Natural stone is a long-lasting material that has remarkable characteristics provided by nature. It is a material extracted from quarries throughout the world, always looking for outstanding qualities that make it an utmost-guarantee product. To improve these qualities, we have the option of applying a protective layer on the material. L’Antic Colonial protects all its stones...