Make a virtual visit to L’Antic Colonial showroom

9 June, 2016

With the aim of showing its renewed Showroom, L’Antic Colonial updates its Virtual Visit 2016, allowing the user to see the interesting renovation of its premises, featuring the Premium Home. The visit is based on 18 360º panoramas displaying every corner of the showroom in full detail. Besides, it is compatible with smartphones and tablets, so it is widely...

A childhood dream come true

3 June, 2016

The treehouse is a classic childhood dream, something that only a few privileged children were able to make into reality. But what if we told you that there are rustic houses and little hotels, marvelous places, up in the treetops for you to stay in? This is a brilliant option for those travelling with children....

The Hidden Monumentality of Venice

2 June, 2016

Jacopo D’Antonio Sansovino said that “some argue that the word Venice could come from Veni Etiam, meaning return again, and again, because no matter how many times you visit, you’ll always see new things and new beauties”. For this architect, Venetian by adoption, the city was a crowded and beautiful canvas with white margins, inviting...

The eternal wood of Hans Jørgensen Wegner

30 May, 2016

It is impossible to talk about Scandinavian design without mentioning Hans Jørgensen Wegner(1914-2007). After World War II this Danish designer became the key figure in Organic Modernism, a functionalist school of thought whose members included Poul Henningsen, Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen among others. Wegner worked for time with Jacobson, designing furniture for the Town...

Beautiful wooden houses in the Caribbean Sea

26 May, 2016

In the Caribbean Sea we can enjoy beautiful wooden houses with gable roofs, painted in bright colours which are fully integrated in the spectacular tropical landscapes.  

Combinations with ceramic products

24 May, 2016

Ceramics is one of the best covering materials due to its high resistance and ease of cleaning. In private spaces as well as wide public spaces, ceramic coverings offer a myriad of decorative possibilities. Aiming at inspiring different spaces for an interior designer audience, at L’Antic Colonial we offer several combinations with ceramic products, for you to find the setting...

‘Micro-houses’ Movement

20 May, 2016

Have you ever heard anything about the ‘micro-houses’ movement? They are environmentally friendly and are made of recycled materials. You may travel with them and they are looking for an easier way of life, far from the stress caused by home loans.      

Environmentally friendly architecture

17 May, 2016

Do you know environmentally friendly architecture? It is a process which stands up for going back to the cultural model we had some years ago, in order to minimize the risks that all buildings have got over the environment.  

Interview with Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz

12 May, 2016

Antonio Ortiz (Seville, 1974) speaks clearly and with certainty, trying to find a quick answer to each of our questions. He speaks with us on the phone, from his desk at the headquarters of his office in Seville. Apart from this, Cruz and Ortiz have got two more branches, in Amsterdam and in Madrid. One...

Wooden assemblages in the Japanese culture

9 May, 2016

Some weeks ago in Woodlovers we went through the concept of the carbonized wood in traditional Japanese architecture. Today we look back at Japan, fascinated by its amazing assemblages. In 1989, Torashichi Sumiyoshi and Gengo Matsui published Wooden Joints in classical Japanese Architecture, which is compulsory reading to get to know this fascinating technique. In...

Wood Wall Mosaics: from pure wood to interior designs

5 May, 2016

Natural wood is one of the favourite materials and trends when giving personality to any interior design. Its genuineness, warmth and purity come out from the depths of the forest, providing the natural wood wall tiles with an essential sense, capable of both impressing and becoming unique. Within its wide range of natural wood mosaics, the Wood Wall collection from L’Antic Colonial really...

Amazing Caltun shelter

2 May, 2016

Do you like adventures? Why don’t you visit the Caltun shelter located in the Fagaras Mountains, in the Southern Carpathians (Romania). There you can find an aerodynamic structure made of wood and steel which won’t disappoint.    

Japanese architecture

2 May, 2016

The architecture and decoration from the Land of the Rising Sun has always inspired the West. Would you like to know in detail how traditional Japanese houses are? A clue: its structure is made of wood.  

90 years of the Frankfurt Kitchen

2 May, 2016

It is 90 years now since the Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky designed the wooden Frankfurt kitchen. Although she was almost unknown to a large part of society, she made history in silence. Having been brought up in an upper-class family, Shütte-Lihotzky was the first woman studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. From...

Revival: Natural wood full of character

26 April, 2016

L’Antic Colonial has expanded the Revival line with three new European Oak models that complete its wide range of products. This expansion, made up of the Revival 1L Dun, Revival 1L Mahogany, and Revival 1L Ocher models, stands out for its characteristic knots and splits that endow the parquet with a character in which time has taken its toll, providing an attractive and appreciated...

Spectacular wood buildings beneath Siberian snow

25 April, 2016

Beneath the dense canopy of Siberian snow, we can find many homes, palaces, Orthodox churches and even fortresses made of wood. The thaw in the hottest months in the area allows us to see these spectacular buildings.  

Ecological and enviromentally friendly bicycles on Earth Day

22 April, 2016

On Earth Day, we would like to show you some bicycles, the most ecological way of transport. But these are not regular byclicles: they are the Cyclowood bicycles, unique and unrepeatable, made of ecological and environmentally friendly materials. Happy Earth Day!   Pictures:

Wood at the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile de Milano 2016”

21 April, 2016

For furniture companies, designers’ studios, small factories, and a lot of specialized press, the working year starts and finishes in April, at the International Furniture Trade Fair in Milan. This unmissable event goes far beyond the fairgrounds and invades the whole city f Milan. All kinds of shops join the festival and neighbourhoods like Brera, Tortona or...

Recycled wood becomes a trend in decoration

19 April, 2016

Decorating a house, an office or a business is always a hard task, as there are many possibilities in the market that might meet the space necessities. A good choice consists of decorating with recycled wood, so that apart from having a different and special touch, it helps to preserve and look after the environment....

Architectural structure in Kerniel

18 April, 2016

The versatile use of wood in art has no limits. Today we present this circular wooden walkway go exhibit contemporary art. A wooden structure designed by Aeneas Wilder. Pictures:

Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract: the new project from L’Antic Colonial for commercial premises

15 April, 2016

The contract is one of the sectors that PORCELANOSA Grupo seeks to capture with its exclusive products and materials projects. In this part, L’Antic Colonial launches Loose Lay Contract, an elegant Linkfloor project with a braided textile surface. Its great resistance, as well as its easy and quick installation, makes Linkfloor the ideal material for highly demanding commercial premises and for quick refurbishments. Thanks...

Zaha Hadid’s wooden architecture

13 April, 2016

Some time ago, the great architect Rem Koolhass defined Zaha Hadid as “a planet in its own and inimitable orbit”. That praise towards herwork colleague shows the respect with which the architecture world considered the Great Dame. Zaha Hadid succeeded in entering a traditionally men’s world with a unique way to understand architecture. Her designs,...

Tree sculptures of Philipe Handford

8 April, 2016

The work of Philipe Handford contains a spectacular road full of falling tree sculptures which simulate a sense of continuous motion.          

Wood and grass: The need for sustainability

6 April, 2016

The fashion of ecological houses emerged relatively a few years ago with the need for sustainability, along with them came the arrival of a social conscience towards sustainability derived from the already visible consequences of climate change. However, in Iceland, the houses have existed since the nineteenth century. Known as grass houses, these originated in...

Dendrochronology and art

6 April, 2016

As a child, you were probably taught to count the rings of a tree trunk to find out how old it was. You probably did not know that there are people who spend their whole lives doing just that. And you were probobly  unaware that this science has a name: dendrochronology. Forests are an immense...

Contemporany art in wood

1 April, 2016

We introduce different species and pieces of Hungarian cut wood. Created by the artist Gyula Varnai for the exhibition of contemporary art in Hungary in 2008.          

1 April, 2016

Nature continues to surprise us, this time in the form of the highest tree in the world. Called Hyperion and located in the United States, this wonder stands at 115 metres high (21 metres taller than the Statue of Liberty): Source: Hyperion, tallest tree in the world Hyperion’s big trunk   Source: West side Hyperion’s...

Hotel space based on the Contract concept

29 March, 2016

In their remodelled exhibition, L’Antic Colonial has created a unique space based on the Contract concept. 100 m²  divided into two rooms, simulating a hotel environment. It has been a joint effort between Systempool, Noken, Gamadecor, Inclass and Vibia. It has been designed by Fran Silvestre Architects and Alfaro Hofmann and features Limkfloor Roll flooring and decoration. The project was inspired by a...

The use of wood in office design

21 March, 2016

Wood has emerged as a material which is suitable in forming the design and construction of workplace offices. Therefore , it has become an alternative for many prestigous acchitecture studies and is ready to be implemented into the office. Wood has not achieved the importance it deserves, but it is noteworthy and holds an ever...

5 desks for modern times

16 March, 2016

The desk is a piece of furniture with a historical load, which achieved its main peak in the Renaissance, when culture began to slowly spread closer to all social classes. A new appreciation of art and knowledge helped to bring this piece of furniture out of the Middle Ages of scribes and calligraphers and into...

The new L’Antic Colonial bathroom collections

16 March, 2016

Vintage, Saint Germain and Saint Denis, are the new bathroom collections that L’Antic Colonial will launch onto the market for 2016, amongst which we can find washbasins, combined sets and mirror. Fifteen models in total that highlight the natural features of the material. Vintage, a “nostalgic” collection for modern spaces and designed by the Yonoh...

Mud House suspended in the air

14 March, 2016

A spectacular mud house with a wooden interior suspended in the air. A cabin to make you feel as if you are floating like a bird.

Toyota’s wood new car collection

11 March, 2016

Toyota’s new car collection, made of cedar and birch will be presented at the next Milan Design Week.    

A traditional tea house defying gravity

11 March, 2016

A traditional Japanese tea house placed high in a tree and defying gravity. A traditional meditation area, surrounded by cherry trees and made exclusively with natural materials with credit to the Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori. Traditional Wooden Tea House A space of meditation A tea house surrounded by cherry trees

Exbury, a sustainable micro living space

11 March, 2016

Presenting Exbury, a floating egg-shaped studio which was originally created to observe river fauna. A totally sustainable micro living space! Created and designed by PAD studio and Stephen Turner and made with wood. Amazing!! Wooden Egg-shaped by PAD Studio & Stephen Turner Micro living space made with wood

Balloon frame

9 March, 2016

For centuries wood has been the par excellence building material. The manual use of wood for construction craft was a technique that required a long path of learning and the ability of eager carpenters. Large optimal pieces of wood were, of course, also required. For the latter reason, the use of this material was only...

Interview with MUT Design

8 March, 2016

With a short trajectory (the studio was founded in Valencia in 2010) MUT design is the upcoming design. The future arrives with strength and proving its value honestly. Since its inception this study has been based on the principles of emotional design, seeking to redefine everyday objects with a great deal of experimentation. They are...

La Casa #Premium

22 February, 2016

As part of the renewed exhibition by L’Antic Colonial and with the collaboration of Ramón Esteve we find “Casa #Premium”. A property boasting more than 120 m² in which excellent combinations of natural materials take shape, all of them spread out over six habitable areas, distinguished through its range of colours and finishings, joined harmoniously in order to achieve an...

Orquideorama: Giant ‪‎flowers growing together

17 February, 2016

In the Botanical Garden of Medellin we find ‪‎Orquideorama. Made from ‪‎wood, the structure represent giant ‪‎flowers growing together and creating light and shade in the ‪‎natural environment.  

Charred wood

17 February, 2016

We could say hundreds of things about fire, thousands of things. Fire that grows, fire that devastates, fire that devours and fire that destroys. But also purifying fire, protective fire, fire as symbol of starting over. In some cultures fire has more meaning. In Japanese culture fire has a mystical power and the male has...

Mood Board, a case study in habitat trends

15 February, 2016

Along with the inauguration of the XXIII Porcelanosa Group International Exhibition, L’Antic Colonial is proud to present “MOOD BOARD, Material Trends 2016”. A publication of projects undertaken that has become a case study into habitat trends serving as a reference point in the sector, whose aim is to pervade the reader with inspiration on the most contemporary styles and suggest...

Evolver observatory

10 February, 2016

Evolver is a ‪wooden observatory located at the foot of Mount ‪Matterhor in ‪Switzerland. The all-wood structure creates a continuous tunnel to maximize the stunning views.

4 February, 2016

This is architecture that originates from the system of Cidori, an old Japanese toy. Cidori is an assembly of wood sticks with joints having unique shape, which can be extended merely by twisting the sticks, without any nails or metal fittings. The tradition of this toy has been passed on in Hida Takayama, a small...

One week for design lovers

3 February, 2016

It’s time for design. It’s time to put black over white and place design where it deserves. Where design has always deserved. The seventh edition of Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) has started and in order to bring the best of the profession to the streets, this week’s converge is being presented in only one space...

28 January, 2016

James McNabb takes us on a journey of reflection with recycled wood about overcrowding in cities. Some of his words include skyscrapers which form wagon wheels and represent the pilgrimage from the countryside to the city or also a table where only the suburbs appear.  Font: Iloboyou