Interview to Mario Ruiz

27 January, 2016

Mario Ruiz (Alicante, 1965) has become an international benchmark of Spanish design. Throughout his more than twenty-year career, he has worked in different fields and his work has been recognised for prestigious international awards such as Red Dot, Design Plus and Wallpaper Awards. Ruiz is considered a highly technical designer, this fact allows him to...


25 January, 2016

L’Antic Colonial has completely modernised the entirety of its installations in anticipation of the XXIII International Exhibition organised by the Porcelanosa Group and held from the 25th to 29th of January. A trade fair in which the company specialising in natural materials will showcase an array of new products manufactured from natural stones, parquets, laminates, mosaics and bathroom adornments, as well as an...

Figures of Yen Jui-Lin, a craftsman who shapes clay just like wood

25 January, 2016

Wood serving creativity with the wonderful figures of Yen Jui-Lin, a craftsman from Taiwan who shapes clay just like wood! Font: Yen Jui-Lin

21 January, 2016

We present three of the most spectacular tree houses in the world. In which one would you like to spend a special night?   The Cinder Cone: The multi-level structure consists of two connected treehouses, a soaking tub, and a skate bowl, smack dab in the vast wilderness of the Columbia River Gorge. Font:  Huffingtonpost...

Intellect and emotion

19 January, 2016

Antonio Stradivari was an Italian luthier from the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. In his workshop in Cremona he started making unusual violins. With an exceptional sound, these violins were more narrow and elongated than normal. His fame spread throughout Italy and it is estimated that he manufactured around 1200 violins, cellos, violas, basses,...

Villa Valtanen by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari

18 January, 2016

This award-winning cabin is a project by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari that can be found in Rovanniemi, Lapland, Finland. It is a wooden structure perched on an outcrop overlooking the forest that consists of a living space, sauna, and woodshed. Font: HomeDSGN  

15 January, 2016

Today we bring you a collection of furniture by the designer Michael Schoner, forming impossible beechwood curve and creating domes in order to use as furniture legs. Font:

Whitepod eco luxury hotel in Switzerland

14 January, 2016

In the heart of the swiss alps, an unconventional accommodation experience awaits.  the ‘whitepod eco-luxury hotel‘ situated in les giettes, houses its guests within 15 geodesic dome-shaped tents (10 standard, 5 family) which serve as rooms that are immersed into the natural landscape of the mountains. Font: Designboom 

13 January, 2016

Casa Prè de Sura, designed by casati – hub for architecture and research from Innsbruck Austria, is an original remake of the traditional wooden chalets that are dotted over Val Badia. The elementary volumes are almost entirely covered in heat treated ash strips and are interrupted only by the irregular windows dotting the façades (and part...

Enjoy the Alps in wood

12 January, 2016

In the middle of the Swiss Alps, at 2,260 metres high, stands the Chäserrug restaurant, sharing its name with the ski resort location. The restaurant is situated within the magnificence of the mountains and designed by the architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, who created an essential refuge to sit and enjoy the exceptional views....

Shustov Brandy Bar

8 January, 2016

Imagine the experience of being inside a wooden barrel? Now you can make that experience come true in the Shustov Brandy Bar, in the Ukraine, a bar and museum completely covered in oak with more than 20,000 bottles of brandy placed on the roof of the reception. Font: National Traveller

Modular Garden Shed by Avanto

7 January, 2016

Would you like to spend time in this storage shed and greenhouse and sleep in contact with #nature? A small-house made with Finnnish #wood and designed by Kekkilä by Avanto. You can see more details  ->

Dentist Clinic in Fukuyama

4 January, 2016

A visit to the dentist hasn’t been my best thing!  I guess it’s the only doctor which gives me the creeps, and apparently many other people feel the same way.  So what if someone was to tell you that the feeling would change as the dentists office would look more like a Zen retreat than...

The best, in wood, of 2015

30 December, 2015

For this last post of the year, we would like to remember the most iconic products of 2015 that made us enriched by its simplicity. Products that we have loved not only for their simplicity but for their materials, finishes, details or because they are simply beautiful.   Gilda, from Carlo Molino. Reissue by Zanotta....

Christmas gifts for WoodLovers (iii)

23 December, 2015

A beautiful bentwood hall coat and hat stand, made from solid Steamed Beech. A lovely sculptural hat & coat trees ->

What 2015 has left us: Spanish Pavilion in the Milan Expo

22 December, 2015

A fusion of tradition and gastronomic innovation. This is the keystone of the Spanish pavilion project in the Milan Expo of 2015. Signed by 720 architects, this window to the world tries to subtly associate architecture with key product of Spanish cuisine, facing the challenge of giving a recognisable identity to the country in an...


21 December, 2015

The Wood lamp offers a contemporary, all-wooden interpretation of the traditional architect lamp. Focusing on simplicity, the lamp aims to provide an alternative to other more complex products. You can see more details ->        

The Tapas Bar Reinvented in Taiwan

17 December, 2015

Combining the bustling atmosphere of a Spanish tapas bar with the refined sensibility of a Viennese coffee house, Go Eat Tapas Dining Bar in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, provides a unique modern take on the European gathering spot genre. You can see more details ->  

Interview with Jose Manuel Ferrero

16 December, 2015

Jose Manuel Ferrero (Valencia, 1978) is the soul of estudi{H}ac. He defines himself as an atelier of product design and architecture. Jules Verne’s character Phileas Fogg inspires the team because of its creativity and ingenuity. Ferrero feels passion for detail and an elegant and exclusive design, searching for the meticulousness of the tailors from Savile...

Ceramics take center stage in the Faces line by Ramón Esteve

15 December, 2015

L’Antic Colonial has expanded the Faces line, together with architect Ramón Esteve, with a series of ceramic wall coverings based on geometry and the combination of volumes. This line, which was presented at the past Cevisama’14 edition, was based up until now on 100% natural materials such as stone and wood. With the emergence of these new ceramic models the mineral-inspired geometric look is continued, through...

Christmas gifts for WoodLovers (i)

14 December, 2015

A figure of a black wooden bird, an artefact of American folk art that was evidently highly treasured by the photographs Ray and Charles Eames. You can see more details ->

Wood and Sound

10 December, 2015

There is no doubt about the crucial role of wood in acoustics. Is it impossible to imagine guitars, violas, and flamenco box drum without wood? In our eagerness to improve what already is perfect, we have been experimenting with different types of materials in instrument building and the results are always the same: failure (fortunately)....

The stone of 2016

10 December, 2015

Natural stone is one of L’Antic Colonial’s basic pillars. The firm’s continuous search for new materialsthroughout the world proves it. Different formats, original colors, or finishes capable of surprising, are the aspects L’Antic Colonial tries to offer the market year after year. We find the latest proof of this in the Habana Grey marble and the Ottawa limestone....

6 lamps of wood essential

3 December, 2015

We know how important lighting is in an interior design project. Today we are going to join two of our passions: wood and decoration. A list of modern displays, classic displays, with wooden sticks, with moulded wood…that form authentic sculptural design elements. We introduce our choice to you:   Hat Mould de Norm Architects for...

Wood Boxes & Wood Cubes

1 December, 2015

With the arrival of winter, having warmth at home becomes more necessary than ever. This is given not only by the home’s heating systems, but largely by the materials that dress the walls and floors, and the sensations they transmit. There is nothing better for conveying this sensation than natural wood. For this reason, L’Antic Colonial has presented...

Wood takes Street

26 November, 2015

Carlos Thays said that happiness dwells more on nobleness of a forest than on a luxury without greeness. Fortunately, green is in fashion. It seems that little by little we begin to become aware of the importance of the small actions in the environment. The ecological tendency in not a novelty anymore, instead it has...

Eat around the trees: A Cantina

19 November, 2015

Successions of wooden trees cover the diner at A Cantina, the Estudio Nomada project in Santiago de Compostela. A Cantina is located in Santiago de Compostela and is the result of the union of two independent premises in the building of Archivo of Galicia. The space is divided into two main areas, cafe and shops,...

Araucaria, a hotel in the heart of the French Alps

11 November, 2015

The Araucaria Hotel is located in the French resort of La Plagne, surrounded by ski slopes. It is a modern hotel – spa that serves as a refuge for winter sports lovers who enjoy the snow in the heart of the Alps each year. In addition to modern facilities, rooms in which comfort and an exquisitely warm...

5 vital historic chairs

11 November, 2015

It seems to us that making a “Top 5 wooden chairs” list would be really complicated so instead we will name five iconic chairs that have endured the passage of time and are more complete than their subjective beauty. It is impossible to make such a list without mentioning Thonet. Until the early nineteenth century...

A tribute to Bécquer through living wood

4 November, 2015

It is unusual that living woods are part of a piece of artwork, but when they are, the result is often a perfect harmony between nature and art. This compatibility can be seen in the forest of Oma by Agustín Ibarrola and also through the gazebo of Bécquer of Seville. This tribute through artwork was...

Original formats in L’Antic Colonial’s new limestone line

3 November, 2015

With 2016 around the corner, L’Antic Colonial is showing one of its main novelties in terms of natural stone, limestone more specifically. It is the Amsterdam line; two new stones of Portuguese origin, one in gray tones and one in beige, presented in three original formats that break free from the established standards. Amsterdam 2D Hexagon is the most original model, as it...

Baumgeflüster: the hotel that whispers to the trees of Baumraum

31 October, 2015

Can you imagine living in a tree house? The architects at Baumraum studio seized this nostalgic idea to design the Baumgeflüster hotel, nestled in a dense oak forest in Bad Zwischenahn, in Germany. The owners of the land decided to turn their old farm into a hotel where guests would be able to enjoy nature...

Authentic, natural wood floors with style

22 October, 2015

The Bologna fair was the setting where L’Antic Colonial introduced its new natural wooden floor line. Four new models (Authentic 1L Pure, Authentic 1L Chrome, Authentic 1L Bronze, and Authentic 1L Anthracite) that stand out for their large board 24 cm width. In addition, it is completely hand-finished, brushing the wood as if it were a work of cabinetry....

The most beautiful restaurant (made almost completely of wood) is in Valencia

20 October, 2015

Waking into any space made almost completely of wood gives you the sensation that you are in a special place. Now, imagine breathing in completeZen filled with tranquillity, peace and quiet. What if we told you that you could find all of this in a restaurant? This is made a reality when walking into Nazomi...

Smoothness and warmth in your rooms with the all new Advance Premium Natural wooden parquet flooring

16 October, 2015

L’Antic Colonial reinvents itself in order to offer a new range of natural wood parquet integrated into its functional and naturalistic series  Advance: The range Advance Premium. The new parquet by the firm from Porcelanosa Grupo continues to offer sophistication and an exclusive warmth, and at the same time it contributes to the spaciousness and smoothness...

From the sea to the forest with Shell (Japan): A shell-shaped structure made of wood

16 October, 2015

As a fugitive from its natural habitat, the sea, this shell-shaped wooden shelter rests in mid-forest as a one-of-a kind type structure. The precise location of Shell turns out to be the green forests of Karuizawa in Japan, where one can find great contrast with the tree-covered landscape full of  big rocks and caves. When...

Art and wood, like denunciation and social criticism. Fragments, by  AI WEIWE

16 October, 2015

The son of a renowned Chinese poet denounced during the Anti-Rightist Movement, the fact of being an artist and an activist is in Ai Weiwei’s blood. He sees art as a way of expressing himself, a way of complaining against his own government because of its position regarding democracy and human rights. Even though he...

An illusion with mirrors with: look closer. Wooden letters that blend into their surroundings

16 October, 2015

Playing with light and shade through a mirror is an art in itself in both architecture and design. After surprising us with projects such as that by K smith III and his Desert Shack, woodlovers check out an urban project by means of playing with reflections that are able to blend into its surroundings. This...

Mosaic products from L’Antic Colonial. Natural wood with caracter

16 October, 2015

The authenticity and warmth of wood, linked to the extensive possibilities that this material has in interior design, make covering products increasingly popular, such as the natural wood mosaics byl’Antic Colonial. Without giving up its rustic and homey air, these mosaics created from perfectly carved wood make spaces unique, giving them originality, dynamism and innovation...

A rotating wooden house is supplied with sunlight. Dome Space, New York

16 October, 2015

About 130 km from New York, in the forest in the village of New Paltz, a wooden house lies. It looks like a flying saucer that has fallen from the sky. Built with organic materials such as cedar, bamboo and limestone, Dome Space amazes because of its rounded structure, but above all, it does so...

A wooden cube defying gravity in the high mountains of Slovakia

16 October, 2015

Like a gigantic cube of wood that has fallen from the sky, Hotel Kežmarské Hut lies in the High Tatra Mountains of Slovakia, the highest area of the Carpathian Mountains. It is designed to blend into its surroundings, an environment of almost unreachable peaks where snow covers the landscape for most of the year. Providing...

Age-Old wood in the andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort (Costa Rica)

16 October, 2015

When luxury is intermingled with ancient traditions of a country rich in both history and culture like Costa Rica, it’s normal for innovative and striking projects to appear like that of the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort. Wood plays a leading role in this hotel complex, which was designed by Zurcher Architects. After various discoveries of...

Faces by Ramón Esteve selected by Interior Design for ‘Best of Year Awards’ 2015

14 October, 2015

Congratulations to L’Antic Colonial. One of its best known collections on the international stage, Faces, has been selected by the prestigious New York based magazine Interior Design for its 2015 ‘Best of Year Awards’. These awards recognize excellence in design on an international level of wall and floor coverings and many other types of complementary products. This nomination allows internauts from...

Premium stands out at Cersaie 2015

6 October, 2015

Premium Collection has managed to position Porcelanosa Group among one of the most innovative and attractive designs at the Cersaie 2015 recently held exhibition. The concept, created by Ramón Esteve is based on the product selection carried out by the Valencian architect, from the Group’s firms: Gamadecor, Noken, Systempool and L’Antic Colonial. All of them with a common denominator: elements of the highest quality and...

Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru-Ban

1 October, 2015

While the Parisian cultural centre George Pompidou is acclaimed for its spectacular metal façade, its little brother, centre Pompidou-Metz has created its own identity thanks to its original wooden roof. These two French contemporary art museums are home to valuable exhibitions in its interior and also stand out for their avant-garde architectural design. We noticed...