Tips for adding a Nordic style to your home

Tips for adding a Nordic style to your home

30 August, 2021

Do you like functional white spaces, with straight lines? If so, the Nordic decorative style fits you. Check our tips to introduce it in your home

Nordic decoration has positioned itself as one of the most important decorative styles in recent years. But what is the key to its success?

Nordic style houses stand out for their neutral and timeless lines, the abundance of natural lighting and light colors on walls, floors, furniture and accessories. 

Generally speaking, this type of decoration could be defined as simple, although it exudes personality and exclusivity, as each room conveys warmth and functionality in equal parts. 

Origins of Nordic style decoration 

Nordic style originated in the 19th century, in Northern Europe countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), where the severe weather conditions demanded the use of high quality furniture that was durable and would transmit warmth

In most cases, the pieces were very simple and made of hardwood, a thermal material that was easy to obtain due to the large extensions of forests in these regions.

It was in the first half of the twentieth century, specifically in the 1930s and taking the Stockholm Exhibition of 1930 as a reference, when the “Scandinavian decoration” began to stand out internationally. The reason was that designers were able to merge this decorative style with the main avant-garde movements of the time.

Since then, and over the years, the Nordic style has evolved a lot, changing its forms and adding new elements

Nordic Home Style

However, its original spirit has remained intact: open and illuminated spaces, with comfortable designs are still the main protagonists.

Elements and ideas for decorating your home with a Nordic style

Many people are attracted by the Nordic style decoration, which is presented as an elegant and distinctive option. 

This is partly because adopting this style involves avoiding elements that are neither decorative or functional: simplicity is one of the pillars of Scandinavian style and all rooms are characterized by their visual cleanliness. 

In this sense, Nordic decoration may seem more affordable, because it is framed within the spectrum of minimalism, although its elements and materials are usually more exclusive. 

Another characteristic of Nordic style decoration is the lighting. In many cases, windows remain “naked” so natural light can be completely taken advantage of, or curtains of soft, vaporous and light-colored fabrics are installed to let in as much light as possible. To achieve greater luminosity, the walls are painted white in order to reflect the light, although the most modern Nordic style designs also opt for neutral tones such as light gray, sky color or pale pink. 

Other tips for decorating a nordic home style are: 

Wood floors and furniture

Wood brings a rustic and traditional look that we identify with nature, warmth and comfort without overloading the spaces, something that fits perfectly with the decorative style inspired by Northern European countries.

At L’Antic Colonial we are “wood lovers” and we offer you natural wood floors and floorings that are ideal for your home. The CLASSIC, NATURE and TORTONA collections, in gray or dark brown tones that contrast with the white, will fit perfectly with your Nordic style home.

Natural inspiration

Natural elements cannot be missing in a house decorated in Nordic style. Wood is the most popular material, but it is not the only one: stone can also give your spaces a very personal touch

One way to give your home a Nordic industrial style is to leave some of the walls in exposed brick. Our recommendation is to use a light brick pavement or cover half of the wall and leave the other half white, softening the appearance while adding character to the room thanks to the Globe Brick Bhutan, Airslate Bombay and Airslate Kashmir series.

Simple furniture

Nordic style furniture is usually low, simple and with straight lines. Many are lacquered in white, although it is also common to see brown wooden tables with white chairs: when we use this combination, the dark color stands out and becomes the center of the decoration. In recent years, wicker furniture has also gained more presence. 

Nordic Style


Nordic inspiration must be present in every detail of the house. Therefore, in this type of decorations textiles (carpets, cushions, blankets, etc.) made of leather, wool or linen are used. The reason? They all bring the warmth that is so characteristic of the nordic style. 

These decorative elements also represent a “chromatic break” with the neutral tones of the Nordic style. Striking colors such as reds, oranges or greens, and even some prints are mostly used.


Plants bring freshness and vitality to any space. Therefore, Nordic style decoration gives priority to the motifs and the use of plants, both in bedrooms and in kitchens or bathrooms.  

Metallic elements

One of the main characteristics of industrial Nordic style is that it uses metal details, such as lamps. Placing exposed pipes on the ceiling or walls to support lighting is another option if you want to decorate your home with a Nordic style. 
In interior decoration, imagination and good taste have no limits. At L’ Antic Colonial we have everything you need to give your home a unique touch inspired by the main decorative styles. Check out our collections.


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