Oak parquet: avant-garde designs for your home

Oak parquet: avant-garde designs for your home

27 December, 2022

Discover all the advantages of natural oak parquet flooring: characteristics, uses, applications, designs and collections by L'Antic Colonial.

Wood is used in construction because of its properties, such as its hardness, its insulating capacity and its flexibility. 

But that is not all: in addition to its physical and/or mechanical virtues, natural wood is a noble material that brings warmth, elegance and comfort to rooms.

For this reason, it is one of the most common coverings for all types of homes.

Types of natural wood parquet 

There is a wide range of wooden floors on the market. In fact, you will find laminate, solid, multi-layered, laminate flooring, floating floors, etc.

Below we talk about some of them. 

Oak parquet

Traditional parquet (or solid wood flooring)

This classic type of wooden floor is made of solid wood that is only finished by painting, waxing, oiling, sanding or polishing. 

In addition to its quality, natural parquet has two major advantages: 

  • It blends well to different kinds of decorations (such as inlays and designs).
  • It can be sanded several times to remove worn parts. 

In fact, parquet should not be confused with parquet flooring: the former is composed of small pieces, often forming geometric shapes; whereas the latter is composed of larger pieces, usually striped and laid all in the same direction, without forming patterns. 

Multilayer parquet 

This type of flooring is structured in 2 layers with joints on the sides.

The first layer is made of hardwood, while the second layer, called the “support” layer, is made by assembling several strips of softer wood, usually spruce or birch.

This type of wood flooring is quicker to lay and cheaper than traditional parquet, but its design is usually simpler, with fewer decorative options. 

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Floating parquet 

Floating parquet is a type of wooden floor that is laid using the floating technique, which consists of assembling the floor without the use of glue.

When installed, the strips of wood are combined in such a way that they are joined together and rest on the floor, where they are covered by a sheet of insulating material. 

This material is able to even out the contact of the parquet with the laying surface and, at the same time, to insulate it from moisture and noise. 

Natural oak parquet: warm and stately floors 

Oak wood is known for its wide colour range from dark brown to golden brown, with veins that give it a timeless beauty. 

Natural oak parquet floors can be found in amber, smoked, agate, etc. 

The density of this type of wood is medium, and its hardness and durability is moderate, which makes it easy to work with: it can be sawn and planed, and it is possible to apply finishing products such as varnishes, thanks to which it can be preserved and maintained in good condition for a longer period of time. 

In addition, oak has a low moisture content and is resistant to water, fungi and termites, as it was originally used for shipbuilding. 

Another strength of natural oak flooring is that it can withstand any kind of stress, as it is one of the hardest and most stable floors. 

Parquet natural de roble

Why choose oak parquet flooring?

Natural oak parquet is a popular floor covering with a diverse character. 

Rooms and living rooms with oak parquet offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Design. At L’Antic Colonial we have a wide variety of natural oak parquet floors, with different colours and designs, adaptable to all types of decorations. 
  • Comfort. Thanks to their weight and thickness, oak wood floors are soft and comfortable to walk on. 
  • Finishes. Oak wood is relatively easy to work with. In addition, it can be easily varnished and painted, which offers excellent finishes.
  • Installation. Oak parquet is easy to lay. There are three types of installation: nailed, glued or floating. 
  • Maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance of natural oak parquet is quite simple: the ideal is to use a microfiber cloth and the products indicated by the manufacturer. Basically, it is the same care that you should apply to any other wooden floor. 

Decorating with oak parquet: 3 designs, 3 styles 

With wooden floors you can create beautiful spaces in which nature is the protagonist. 

Thanks to our variety of designs, you can play with the different textures of natural oak parquet and find the chromatic options that best suit your home.

Here are three ideas: 


L’Antic Colonial’s MONARCH range is inspired by some queens and monarchs. However, its name should not mislead you: this collection is made up of timeless natural oak wood floorings, ideal for any room, even those with a more avant-garde aesthetic. They are floors of excellent quality, with matt finishes and available in five colours. 


The oak floors in the NATURE collection are characterised by fewer knots than conventional wood floors, which gives them a cleaner appearance. Even so, this range, which can be found in light tones (grey, natural and white), does not neglect the characteristic background pattern of the wood.


The designs of the L’Antic Colonial CLASSIC natural oak parquet range offer a slight surface relief and two types of finishes: satin or matt. These are floating wooden floors, with three different types of laying (chevron, herringbone and luxor) and with many aesthetic possibilities for creating geometric patterns and designs

Which idea do you like best? Discover endless possibilities with our entire range of L’Antic Colonial products.


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