What is the PEFC certificate ?

What is the PEFC certificate ?

14 June, 2023

Discover the importance of certifying wood for sustainable construction ➔ Learn all about PEFC certification with L’Antic Colonial.

Wood is one of the most widely used materials in construction due to its important characteristics and properties (durability, aesthetics, strength, insulation capacity, etc.). 

It is also a key natural resource to ensure sustainability: deforestation is a serious environmental problem, which is exacerbated by fires, agriculture, extensive livestock farming and intensive forest exploitation.  

Hence the importance of certifying that the wood used to manufacture flooring, wall coverings or furniture, as well as some of its derivative materials (paper, cork, bark, etc.) comes from sustainable forests. 

One example is the PEFC certification of our natural wood floors, a seal that guarantees that the raw material from which they are made comes from efficiently managed sites.

In addition to wooden floors, at L’Antic we also have PEFC-certified laminate floors.

FSC and PEFC forest certifications: meaning and background

Forest certifications are assessment processes to which forest areas or companies voluntarily submit themselves in order to verify that their products come from sustainably managed forests.

The first definition of “Sustainable Forest Management” was coined in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) during the United Nations Ministerial Conference in 1992. 

At the time, the focus was on protecting the timber of endangered tropical forests, but the system soon spread to many other places. 

Today, there are two main types of international forestry certification: FSC and PEFC.

PEFC certified

What is PEFC certification?

PEFC (acronym for Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) is the most established and widespread forest certification system in the world.

Its main objective is to promote good forest practices and to ensure that forest products are produced according to the highest environmental, social and ethical standards.

PEFC also provides a framework for the implementation of internationally agreed common standards for the harvesting, production and marketing of timber, and relies on the collaboration of private forest owners and companies. 

For consumers, a PEFC-certified product means that it has been subject to strict control throughout its production process through the PEFC chain of custody.

PEFC, as an organisation of professionals, was established in 1998.

It is made up of 38 private national organisations located on five continents. 

This geographical spread ensures compliance with the different criteria and indicators for different countries and climatic regions.

Discover here the different types of natural wood 

Why is it important to certify wood, what is it for and what are its advantages? 

The purpose of certifying wood is to know its source and to inform consumers about the company’s policy in terms of sustainability and care of forests. 

We distinguish three internationally recognised forestry certifications: 

  • Forest Management Certification. This certifies the origin of the forest raw material and the sustainable management of the forest.
  • Chain of Custody Certification. Certifies the traceability of the raw material throughout the production chain, from the moment it is extracted until the user acquires the final product.
  • Controlled Source Timber. Verifies that the harvesting of a forest is carried out in compliance with the European Timber Market Directive (EUTR).

Consuming certified wood products implies that the process of extraction, production, treatment and distribution is responsible, and that the natural environment from which it originates has been cared for.

Sustainable forest management has other advantages for the environment, such as reducing the risk of fires and deforestation, conserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change and its adverse effects.  

In addition, forestry certifications such as PEFC provide economic benefits by improving productivity and rationalising the exploitation and use of forest resources.

Purchasing responsibly certified materials is also beneficial for brand owners and retailers. 

In fact, for companies at the end of the supply chain, PEFC certification brings added value to the purchase and guarantees compliance with the most demanding legislative and market requirements.

PEFC certified

L’Antic Colonial, a brand committed to sustainability 

Today, PEFC has more than 80 members around the world, including non-governmental organisations, trade unions, companies, business associations, forest owners’ associations and other interested parties.

In 2015, PEFC Spain awarded us the RER label as a company committed to the sustainability of our forests.

Since then, L’Antic Colonial has been part of its Network of Responsible Entities for Forest Sustainability.

The RER label ratifies our commitment to the responsible production and purchase of certified natural wood products, and allows us to continue working every day to offer our customers the best products with the highest quality, always respecting the environment.

In fact, our wooden floors are PEFC certified.

Thanks to this origin, all our natural wood flooring collections retain characteristics such as naturalness, diversity and beauty, adapting to all kinds of styles and aesthetics.

Have a look at L’Antic Colonial’s new collections of wooden flooring

L’Antic Colonial’s natural wood floors guarantee the best performance and are easy to maintain.

  • Our new Versatile collection has been designed to create warm and comfortable atmospheres, and includes three plank width options and a neutral tone that fits in with current decorative trends. 
  • As for our Advance oak wood collection, in four different tones, it stands out for its high number of knots, a distinctive feature that gives it personality.
  • Finally, the Genova collection, with a multi-layer structure to provide extra strength and comfort, is available in softer (Light and Natural) or darker (Brown and Chrome) tones depending on customer tastes.

In the case of laminate flooring, you can opt for series such as VIENA, HOME or ENDLESS, which are certified. 

All these options have the PEFC certification that guarantees the best quality of the materials.
Contact our team if you would like more information about our products.


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