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Porcelanosa’s most natural side has its own name: L'Antic Colonial

The quality of natural materials has always been one of the pillars in each of creations. They are functional and a perfect choice for creating natural and unique spaces and ambiances. Spaces for living and feeling.
L’Antic Colonial was born in 1999 under this premise. Nearly 20 years of history in which natural products such as stone, marble, slate or limestone, ceramics, mosaics, and wood become the indisputable stars in spaces seeking to make us feel at ease, in harmony, and living the true essence of each piece, each element, each corner.
To complete the existing demand, L'Antic Colonial and Porcelanosa also place a series of accessories such as washbasins, countertops, and bathroom cabinets in the front row, with which to offer comprehensive unique projects.

Natural wood, an ace in each line

Functional and exclusive designs are characteristic in each of L'Antic Colonial’s natural wood conceptions. From the land to your home in shapes and colors that suit your style without sacrificing the quality of a unique material.

Resistance, quality, and stability: Linkfloor

Searching for a flooring with high stability, resistance, and quality, L'Antic Colonial develops a vinyl floor that is highly resistant to all kinds of external agents such as abrasion, and all types of impacts: Linkfloor, a vinyl floor that simulates the natural look of wood or other woven textile fiber surfaces, specially suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and high-traffic areas.
This year, L'Antic Colonial has introduced an innovative application that breaks from its previous uses: Linkfloor Wall Contract. The design, besides being used as a floor covering, can also be used on walls and be used as a headboard, thanks to its ease of use and adaptability. A new use that adds to the previous properties of Linkfloor, to provide new life to bedrooms.

Mosaics: the perfection of the variability

Creating original walls, floors, and other surfaces, mosaicosare a key element if we want to customize a space in a unique way. By combining shapes and materials, we can obtain wall coverings and floors that adapt to various styles.

The versatility of ceramics

It offers virtually endless possibilities both in finishes and textures and colors. Ceramics is one of the most successful options for wall coverings due to its resistance and durability, and the decorative possibilities it offers. oak white mimin wood v

Natural stone, the oldest known material

Used since prehistoric times, natural stone is one of the most successful options for wall coverings due to its resistance and durability, and the decorative possibilities it offers.
Wood, stone, mosaic, and ceramics. These are just some of the natural materials from L'Antic Colonial and Porcelanosa that allow us to connect, experience unique sensations, and create our own ambiance with endless combinations of shapes, finishes, and colors. Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature.

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