YEAR: 2013


A refreshing refuge for the body, mind and spirit, Azrama is a signature space that captivates all the senses, encapsulating the idea of “improving life through minimalism”.

A wooden doorway leads into a signature space where natural products have been combined with diaphanous light, shadows and the relaxing sound of water to evoke the outside world. The silence of stone, warmth of wood, shine of metal and reflection of mirrors add a touch of sensuality to the general basic design.

The signature space features five items evocative of sculptures: a bathtub, shower tray, floor-standing washbasin and double washbasin on a pedestal made of tropical wood. The collection also includes bathroom furniture, a towel rail and bench made of the same type of wood.

The stone bathtub stands by the entrance, under a ceiling supported by wooden beams. Designed to hold two people facing each other, it was inspired by two lovers who Clodagh watched in conversation in a hammock.

Functionality plays an important role in Clodagh’s designs. The wall-hung units, with an integrated mirror and light, can be used to store toiletries, keeping them tidy and close at hand. Under the bench with its padded top and cushions, a shelf can be used to store towels, books and magazines.

Lastly, the double washbasin is set on a wooden countertop, while the shower tray is made of Chennai White Flame Bioprot quartzite, like the walls and floor. On a digital screen, images of water can be seen to round off the experience.


The designer

Un refugio para refrescar el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu. Azrama es un espacio que cautiva todos los sentidos y refleja el concepto de “Mejorar la vida a través del Minimalismo”.