Under The Blue Sky | Bls

YEAR: 2013


LIGHT | Flood with natural light
From the start we try to maximize the natural light in the home, so that the continuous space on the ground floor organized by the kitchen, the living room, and the Northeast deck, make up a single element. All of this entails a better lighting of the space, as natural light enters through the deck in the morning, and through the kitchen and its Southwest facade in the afternoon.
A series of mobile panels allow different positions depending on the situation, in order to provide more or less intimacy to the kitchen with respect to the living room. The latter finds its visual space extended thanks to the
attached deck, which houses an outdoor sitting room that allows it to give more light to the living room.

FLEXIBILITY | Multipurpose spaces
The project creates flexible and multi-purpose spaces depending on the needs that the house requires in each situation. Therefore, the house has a free configuration, being the games space on the first floor the organizing center and distributor for the adjacent rooms.
Both bedrooms are designed looking towards the Southwest views and orientation, and are thus light-filled spaces. The master bedroom is conceived as a space that is strongly related to the outside, marked by the views and the blue sky that enter the room. Imagine a place where you can go to sleep watching the stars and wake up under the blue sky.
On the other side of the floor there is a multi-purpose space that can be initially used as a gym and in the future become an additional bedroom.
This lets light enter through the skylights to the staircase and therefore to the ground floor.



Under the blue sky | BLS

The designer

El proyecto busca potenciar las condiciones de la vivienda con doble orientación. Se imagina a modo de esquema como una pieza longitudinal que se abre a sus dos fachadas propiciando una comunicación visual entre ambas. Esta comunicación se produce por fases o estadios, viéndose jerarquizada mediante elementos móviles que permiten diferentes configuraciones.