Casa Balint

YEAR: 2015


The Valencian architect’s firm is responsible for this stunning property located in Bétera, Valencia. A house in which light is the main feature, due to its effect on the bright white surfaces.

The building’s elliptical shape creates an aerodynamic form that maximises its integration in the topography of the area in which it is located. The blue of the incredible crescent shaped swimming pool, created with World Blanco Almería natural stone mosaic (5) 30 x 30 x 1, together with the various shades of green in the garden and surrounding vegetation, add a splash of colour to the project in which L’Antic Colonial and Porcelanosa Group materials feature strongly.

The exterior paving used for the terraces, steps and swimming pool surround is L’Antic Colonial Silver Touch granite (special order) whilst the façade is made of Snow White solid surface Krion® , installed onto Butech’s innovative ventilated façade system.

The interior of the property is on three levels surrounding a central skylight which provides natural light to all areas.

The most private part of the house, with several bedrooms, is located on the upper level. Eden Sand Soft natural wood parquet flooring (special order) has been used in that area.

The kitchen and spacious living/dining room is located on the middle floor, opening onto the garden. Wood Lovers Soft natural wood parquet 42 x 450 (special order) was chosen for this area, whilst Blanco Athenas polished marble (special format) is used for the floor and walls of moisture prone areas.

Eden Sand Soft natural wood parquet (special order) has also been used in the basement located on the lower floor.

Finally, Blanco Athenas polished marble (special format) was chosen for flooring and tiling in the bathrooms, together with the Essence shower tray in the same material but Classico finish.

Gamadecor G-475 Lacado Blanco Mate kitchen furniture and items from Noken Lounge and Essence-c collections have also been used at Casa Balin, Porcelanosa Group.

A stunning property which has been chosen from more than 3000 projects as one of the five finalists in the Archdaily “Building of the Year 2015, Houses” Awards.

Photographs: Diego Opazo


The designer

El estilo de Fran Silvestre Arquitectos se ve reflejado en esta propuesta dibujada a través de trazas elípticas que buscan integrar una vivienda de estilo moderno en la peculiar topografía de un campo de golf. De este modo se maximizan las posibilidades del espacio y se minimiza el impacto volumétrico sobre el lugar.