Castell De Sant MarÇal

YEAR: 2012


Sant Marçal Castle is a medieval building from the 12th century, located in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), and owned by the Marquis of Serdañola.

The building, originally a square floor-plan with a central patio, a tower and a Gothic chappel, has been restored several times. One of those times, Cayetano Buïgas turned it into a second home and used decoration inspired in Romanic and Gothic architecture.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán has been the last to put his two cents to the place, refurbishing the hall attached to the castle. He got inspired in the ancient French “orangeries, attached buildings to the French palaces and castles where the huge family celebrations were held”.

Contemporain Studio main man has tried to reduce the Castilian flavor the castle had gained through the years and to bring it back to its original looks and sense. For that, among other actions, the 480 square meter attached hall has been refurbished and turned into the perfect venue for any social event. In this place, Terracotta Earth & Fire White Touch 40×40 cm and Terracotta Earth & Fire Black Touch 40×40 cm from L’Antic Colonial stand out on the floor, offering a renovated and fresh French look matching with the adjacent garden and castle.


The designer

El salón se ha restaurado con las “orangeries” francesas, anexos a los palacios y castillos franceses donde se celebraban las grandes fiestas familiares, como inspiración.

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