Around a Polished Persian White marble block - L'Antic colonial

Around A Polished Persian White Marble Block

YEAR: 2014


The L’Antic Colonial proposal simulates a continuous domestic setting where the whole space can be reached whilst being contemporary and comfortable.

The area is set around a Polished Persian White marble block which is a bathroom on the inside.

This element is the space’s main feature which organises it and captures attention. The floor around the block is covered with Eden 1L Texture Nut natural wood parquet, accompanied by different marble elements which are used to establish the space’s different functions.

There is a living room on one side and on the other, a bedroom. The space is informally organised, being aimed at younger generations although it doesn’t renounce comfort or elegance.

This atmosphere is achieved with pieces by the British designer, Jasper Morrison whose work and research in the fittings field is extremely suitable for this proposal setting. These complements organise and decorate the surroundings.

Around a Polished Persian White marble block

The designer

La propuesta para el stand de L’Antic Colonial de Porcelanosa pretende simular un entorno doméstico y fluido en el que se pueda recorrer todo el espacio y a la vez ser contemporáneo y confortable.

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