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Virgin Hotel

YEAR: 2015


Chicago is the city selected by the tycoon Sir Richard Branson, Chairman and founder of Virgin Group, for installing the first of his Virgin Hotels. A concept based on the brand’s philosophy, with an innovative spirit, which has as its objective that its guests enjoy a personalized and unique experience.

To do so they have counted with Rockwell Group Europe, with Diego Gronda leading it. It is a multidisciplinary team, with its headquarters in Madrid and over 20 years of experience in the luxury hotel sector, designing projects around the world such as the Ritz-Carlton South Beach refurbishment in Miami, or the design of the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai, and the Nobu Hotel in Riyadh.

The chosen building is the former headquarters of Chicago’s Old Dearborn Bank. It is a 1928 building located in the heart of the city, considered a reference of American Art Deco. The refurbishment of its 26 floors into 250 rooms and public areas has been marked by the design concept so characteristic of Virgin Group. It has an elegant and classic style that takes care of even the smallest detail, the main role of which is the guest’s comfort. As the hotel designers recognize themselves, “it may not be the best room in the world, nor the most beautiful, but no doubt it is the most comfortable one.”

In order to achieve such a marked personality, L’Antic Colonial’s Wet Plus Oak Life laminate has been used (special order) as flooring in different hotel rooms such as bedrooms or hallways. Likewise, we find the Craquelé White Romo Retro and Retro Red ceramics (hue that reproduces Virgin’s corporate color), both under special order, in wet areas of the rooms.

The use of the Classic Ebano natural wood flooring (special order) also stands out, in the exclusive Commons Club bar/lounge. This herringbone patterned parquet, together with the cared selection of furniture and the refurbishment of the double-height historical ceiling, make this space the epicenter of the hall; welcoming guests and introducing them a whole world of sensations they will enjoy at the Chicago Virgin Hotel.

In order to be able to bring the contemporary and urban personality that characterizes Virgin, L’Antic Colonial’s natural wood floors have been installed in different rooms of the hotel.

Among the most outstanding results, we find the floors of the exclusive Commons Club bar/lounge, where L’ Antic Colonial’s Classic Ebano natural parquet has been installed in a herringbone pattern, in a special format (48.26 × 7.62 cm). It is a floor that recaptures the look of the traditional wooden floors of this historic building.

L’Antic Colonial materials have also been used in the hotel bedrooms and bathrooms, where the floor Wet Plus Oak Life has been installed, with a special format of 17.78 x 119.38 cm; and, for the wet areas, a combination of the special wall covering Craquelé White Romo Retro and the Retro Red wall covering has been chosen, with a special color that reproduces Virgin’s corporate color.


The designer

Un antiguo edificio de 1928 de Chicago, que albergaba la sede del Old Dearborn Bank y referente del Art Deco, es la primera sede del nuevo concepto de hotel ideado por el magnate Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Hotels Chicago abre sus puertas con un diseño alegre e innovador basado en la idea de “Business hotel” sin perder un ápice de lifestyle.

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