Vivienda En La Jolla

YEAR: 2013


Porcelanosa Group and L’Antic Colonial products are used both on big public projects and on more modest designs with equally spectacular results. The house we are showing today is a good example of this. It is a home in one of the best residential districts of the city of San Diego, California, on the shores of the Pacific.
The outstanding features of this house, distributed at various heights, are its brightness and expanse, achieved using large windows fitted all over the house. The building has large open spaces such as its hall, large living room and kitchen, seeking to provide the people living there with a feeling of freedom. In all these areas, Ed Ku, head of Coffinier Ku Design who was responsible for designing this inviting project, has chosen Modern Mult. Siena natural wood parquet from L’Antic Colonial which combines perfectly with Zeus Marron ceramic wall tiles by Venis range in the living room and Porcelanosa’s Marmi Blanco and Tissue Silver models in other rooms in the house.
The outstanding feature is the hall, which operates as the central focus of the house, providing access to the different rooms such as the living room, where there are spectacular views.
The kitchen deserves a special mention. Because of its size, it has been divided into two parts: the dining area, where the floor of Modern Mult. Siena natural wood once again takes centre stage, and the working area, where Microcemento has been used.
A welcoming but sophisticated home where L’Antic Colonial’s natural wood combines with the other materials, providing a very attractive contrast.

Vivienda en La Jolla

The designer

La vivienda, diseñada por Ed Ku de Coffinier Ku Desing, cuenta con grandes zonas diáfanas y con enormes ventanales que consiguen aumentar la luminosidad en estos espacios y la sensación de amplitud.