Inspiring Spaces / Inspiring By Nature

YEAR: 2013


The challenge of making an inhabitable space with 25 m2. This totally unconventional space is made up of three-dimensional areas where places for daytime and night-time use can easily be transformed and given a new function in a few simple movements by using part of a table, for example, for another complementary use. A circuit can be traced that goes beyond the idea of simply moving from one room to another. It is a question of understanding the layout: the versatile uses that this space can offer through different planes and perspectives. Priority is given to the functionality of each of its different areas. These are not subdivided into sections. Instead they are dependent on how the space is organized, based on a free concept of home living. The materials fit in with this special spatial approach by ensuring continuity rather than partitioning off areas, because they are not intended to flank the walls or floors but to explore and take advantage of the continuity offered by many of the natural materials used in the project in order to give it a more natural feel.

Inspiring Spaces / Inspiring by Nature

The designer

El reto de habitar 25 m2. Se conforman en este espacio de forma totalmente inusual rincones en tres dimensiones, reconvirtiendo espacios de día y de noche en diferentes usos que se transforman con simples movimientos, fruto de utilizar una parte de la mesa para otro uso complementario.