Metropolitan Luxury - L'Antic colonial

Metropolitan Luxury

YEAR: 2014


Eric Kuster’s signature space for L’Antic Colonial was inspired by modern architecture. The area is defined through the play with volumes and textures which are exposed on the space’s lateral walls as three-dimensional blocks.

A shower tray in the main area connected to a small pond transmits the feeling of fullness and positivism to the box.

Eric Kuster’s passion for textile design is reflected in a space where the blend of different materials shows the wide array of possibilities and contrasts of L’Antic Colonial products.

This space is marked by Eric Kuster’s characteristic “Metropolitan Luxury”, which is perceived in the exclusivity and luxury of his design.

Metropolitan Luxury

The designer

La arquitectura moderna es la fuente de inspiración que ha servido a Eric Kuster para diseñar su Espacio de Autor de L’Antic Colonial. Una zona marcada por el juego de volúmenes y texturas que se exponen en las paredes laterales del espacio a modo de bloques en 3 dimensiones.

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