Muscharabiya - L'Antic colonial


YEAR: 2012


In the Arabic culture, famed for their love of bathing, Muscharabiya were the wooden lattices fitted into window spaces to reduce and control sunlight, creating warm, relaxing environments.

CuldeSac investigates these properties, applying them to the world of mosaics of L’Antic, creating spaces where light, filtered from bottom to top, helps us to create a relaxing environment.

In this rectangular room, where the bath takes centre stage, special emphasis is placed on the front wall, with stone laid in a herringbone pattern with the appearance of a textile material, enveloping the setting and giving it a touch of elegance.

Using stone from L’Antic beyond the protocols defined by vertical and horizontal surfaces, treating it as a raw material to design objects such as the shelving, are just one of the details that help to complete the CuldeSac experience.


The designer

En la cultura árabe, reyes en las artes del baño, Muscharabiya eran las estructuras tramadas de madera que se colocaban en los huecos de ventana para tamizar y controlar la luz del sol, creando ambientes cálidos y sosegados.

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