New ways of living - L'Antic colonial

New Ways Of Living

YEAR: 2015


Jestico + Whiles has been exploring ‘new ways of living’, as a continuation of this study we used the opportunity created by L’Antic Colonial to further explore spatial design blurring the lines between the traditional bathroom and bedroom spaces. Materiality plays a fundamental role in our exhibition space, creating zones and replacing walls to define spaces. Traditional materials such as marble, slate and glass have a playful take on their tactility and apearance. The harsh architectural lines of the exhibition space are deliberately contrasted with the whimsical image of the dragonfly. The dragonfly with its delicate wings and innate strength represents the duality we hope to capture within this design. Further illustrated by the polished and riven surfaces and highlighted by the pools of light.

New ways of living

The designer

Jestico + Whiles ha estado explorando «nuevas formas de vida». Como continuación de este estudio, aprovechamos la oportunidad brindada por L’Antic Colonial para explorar con más profundidad el diseño de espacios, diluyendo los lindes entre el cuarto de baño tradicional y los espacios de dormitorio.

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