Texture for the senses - L'Antic colonial

Texture For The Senses

YEAR: 2013


Using materials that might initially seem to be cold, like stone or metal, Tomás Alía has managed to create a warm, vibrant atmosphere through the incorporation of a fundamental factor in design: texture. A wavy texture surfaces in the decorative features, appearing and disappearing, filling in sections or leaving them empty, and thus generally enriching the setting. This same texture also features in the furniture, while in the bath area wood has been used to sublime sensorial effect.

Texture for the senses

The designer

Jugando con materiales que a priori pudieran resultar fríos como la piedra y el metal, Tomás Alía logra crear una atmósfera cálida y vibrante gracias a la incorporación de un elemento de diseño sustancial: la textura.

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