Ramón Esteve vuelve a estar presente en la exposición de L’Antic Colonial - L'Antic colonial

Ramón Esteve vuelve a estar presente en la exposición de L’Antic Colonial

18 March, 2015 | Uncategorized
Ramón Esteve vuelve a estar presente en la exposición de L’Antic Colonial


Ramón Esteve has created a space with two areas to showcase the latest innovations from the Minim and Faces collections.  Two ranges of bathroom accessories, with an impressive geometric design.
The walls bring the space together and form a dichromatic area that contrasts one collection with the other, due to the contrasting tones.

The Minim collection features pure formality and simple lines. Different compositions are created with a storage module for an integral washbasin or countertop. Available in four natural stones: Blanco Athenas, Crema Italia, Grey Stone and Brown Stone.
Natural stone is used to completely cover and highlight the monolithic shape, which may be wall mounted or floor standing. It is complemented by a collection of illuminated mirrors in different sizes.
In the Minim display, Habana Dark marble dominates the space; the gold veining of the marble contrasting with its dark base.
The marble, shown here in matt finish, is also available in polished or textured finishes and can be used for flooring or tiling depending on the finish.
In addition, all L’Antic Colonial fittings, like those in the Minim Collection, are available in the same material – shower trays, bathtubs and wash basins.

Faces is a collection of fittings with irregular polyhedron shapes, reminiscent of mineral formations. These shapes accentuate the stone’s visual appearance, giving them a sculptural quality.
Like a diamond, the natural marble block is cut using technical, artisan processes, perfect for creating unique, sculptural and timeless pieces.
The collection includes different wash basins made from a single block of natural marble.  The range includes free standing, integrated, counter top or suspended models.
The collection is complemented by illuminated mirrors and tiling. Faces is available in four types of natural stone – Blanco Athenas, Crema Italia, Grey Stone and Brown Stone.  The furniture in the Faces collection is available in four natural wood finishes – Roble Grey, Roble Earth, Roble Beige and Roble White.
Persian White marble, with its pure white base, grey veining and traces of brown, is used for the floor and tiling, accentuating the luminosity of the Faces collection space.
Mini Eden Almond Texture natural wood parquet  is combined with the natural stone. The finish reproduces traditional hand-planing to give a rugged, hand crafted appearance, in a 19 x 210 x 1.5cm format.
The wash basins are made from a satin finish marble and have integrated waste.
In addition, the Faces collection includes natural stone tiling in 30 x 30 x 2/3cm format which has a bas-relief, faceted design. The tiling is available in two different pieces which, when combined, create a dynamic and unique surface.

The following video shows the process of creating these two collections, which take the power of the material and passion for architecture and design as their starting point.

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