Advantages of having the same flooring throughout my house

Advantages of having the same flooring throughout my house

9 September, 2022

We tell you the advantages of having the same floor throughout the house and the best materials choose this.

You are planning the renovation of your house and, possibly, one of the first dilemmas you face is whether to choose the same floor for the whole house or, on the contrary, look for different types of flooring depending on the room.

Both options have their pros and cons. 

Choosing the same flooring for all the rooms creates a unified and harmonious environment, and creates a visual effect that expands its dimensions, which allows us to better plan a reform.

However, in open-plan dwellings such as studios or lofts, the flooring can help to delimit areas in an organic way. 

For example, we can opt for a ceramic floor, imitation cement or hydraulic, for the kitchen that merges with a wooden floor for the rest of the house.

Nor should we forget that for the kitchen and bathroom we should choose a type of flooring with specific characteristics, including ease of cleaning and moisture resistance.

Should use same flooring house

Advantages of using the same floor throughout the house

Opinions on this subject are not unanimous: some experts are positive about the fact that variety is the source of creativity and taste, while others think that using the same floor throughout the house can be very beneficial, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a functional point of view. 

The main advantages of opting for a uniform floor for the whole house are: 

Sense of spaciousness

Uniform flooring makes the house appear larger and brighter. The key to create a feeling of spaciousness is to choose a floor with a neutral color, such as gray, which fits with different decorative styles. In this way, you will get a unified space without giving up your personality, since you can print your touch by changing the colors of the walls, furniture or decoration.

Finishes without cuts or unevenness

One of the big “problems” when choosing different types of flooring for the home are the transitions from one room to another. In fact, one of the big problems in the finishes of renovations are the cuts and unevenness related to the way the flooring is installed. 


One of the keys in decoration and interior design is to achieve balanced and proportionate spaces that transmit tranquility, peace and comfort. For this, symmetry will play an important role, closely related to the distribution and use of furniture, but also with the use of colors and materials. 


Putting the same floor throughout the house is a relatively current trend, which breaks with the traditional decorative canon and classic ideas, achieving more current and modern environments. Having a homogeneous floor in a house fits with minimalism and Nordic style, but also with industrial decoration and even with the rustic style, where wood predominates. 

Although we can focus on porcelain floors because they are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, at L’Antic Colonial there is a wide variety of wood-effect floors that prevent humidity and can be used throughout the house, as we will see below. 

Should use same flooring house

The best materials for uniform flooring 

If you are considering installing the same floor throughout your home, you should choose a material that is durable, easy to clean and has features such as hardness and water resistance

Among these materials, we find: 


Vinyl floors are the ideal option to achieve uniform floors. This type of flooring is 100% water repellent, resistant to abrasion and impacts, and remains unalterable to humidity and stains. Since they imitate the appearance of natural materials such as wood or stone, they offer interesting aesthetic results, and can be installed over other floors, avoiding unevenness. We are talking about vinyl floors that transmit versatility, comfort, quality and stability, which is why they are usually recommended for all types of home renovations. 


Laminates offer high quality finishes, and are an excellent option when we want to put the same floor throughout the house. One of its main advantages is its simple and quick installation, which provides added value when we make a reform. In addition, L’Antic Colonial’s laminate floors offer the perfect combination of innovation and design, with collections that provide sophistication and adapt to all kinds of decorative styles. 


Ceramic floors offer durability and resistance, and are one of the most common options for flooring and wall coverings due to their ease of cleaning and low maintenance. In addition, this type of flooring offers multiple decorative possibilities, which can be adjusted to the decorative style of our home. And, of course, maintain their initial characteristics for a long time, that is, they retain their brightness and their color does not degrade even when exposed to climatic changes.
If you are going to make a comprehensive renovation of your house, you can lift the entire floor to install a new one without problems. In addition, it is not necessary to choose a single or different flooring for each room. Sometimes, it is enough to combine two materials to give some authenticity and uniformity to the design. The most important thing? Choose quality materials that fit your style and your needs.


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