L'Antic Colonial has collaborated in previous editions of the International Global Architecture & Interior Design Exhibition, organized by PORCELANOSA Grupo, with a large number of international designers and architects such as Eduardo Soto de Moura, Piet Boon®, Alexander Martin Architects, Clodagh Design, A-cero, Sanahuja & Partners, Tomás Alía, Ramon Esteve Estudio, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Francesc Rifé Studio, CuldeSac™, Jestico + Whiles, Erik Kuster Metropolitan Luxury, Helmut Jahn, Cosín Estudio, and SB Architects.


/2024 ATRIUM

A unique and singular space that values Nature as a true source of inspiration and beauty. ATRIUM contextualises this admiration for nature, for the search for material nobility.

ATRIUM, the architectural concept designed by SMMS that redefines the new L'Antic Colonial showroom, to commemorate its 25th anniversary.




An inspirational architectural proposal charged with symbolism and capable of connecting with the true soul of the firm, with its origins, enhancing its values as differentiating features of the brand.

Behind tongues of lava, water, light and matter are the elements capable of structuring and articulating a set of rooms in which the connection with nature defines their design.

/2023 Showroom

This year, L'Antic Colonial completes the Skyline space with a new concept of leisure and wellness where you can enjoy and share your time. In collaboration with Alexandra, the new space is dedicated to time and wellbeing.

/2022 Showroom

SKYLINE, a project by Alexandra for L'Antic Colonial Showroom inspired by Miami lifestyle. A space that brings the essence of an apartment located on Biscayne Boulevard to Porcelanosa Grupo's headquarters.

/2020 Showroom

The Swiss designer, Thomas Capezzone, has brought together the best materials and products in a single space, making anyone who enters it forget that it is a 'showroom' by transporting them to the Hotel BELLINI in Milan. A place where beauty and elegance reign, but so does functionality.

/2019 Showroom

In 2019, we doubled the exhibition area, creating three separate spaces designed by different designers. This change included the expansion of the technical area, with samples of all of the materials being made available to professionals and visitors.

/2018 Showroom

The L’Antic Colonial GastroClub was created in 2018. A space that combines a winery, restaurant, show-cooking area, lounge and terrace. With the claim ‘Places where you’d like to live’, the Ramón Esteve Estudio architecture firm from Valencia joined forces with L’Antic Colonial’s team to refurbish the showroom, seeing it as an overarching architecture and design concept. A stylish setting with lots of character.

/2017 Showroom

In 2017, a large canvas was created for us to exhibit and display some of our new products for that season. Natural stone continues to be the common denominator, with all of the installation types that this offers. An inspirational area, featuring a wide variety of shapes, textures and reliefs.