Ideas for decorating small bathrooms

Ideas for decorating small bathrooms

10 August, 2021

Are you thinking of renovating a small bathroom? Learn how to optimize every space and decorate it in an elegant and original way.

Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in a home. In addition, small bathrooms are common when renovating a house, especially when it comes to toilets or secondary bathrooms. 

However, small bathrooms can adopt a variety of styles: cosy, elegant, functional or fun if we wish to: we just have to follow some basic tips, such as changing the bathtub for a shower, choosing design furniture, adding mirrors to create a greater sense of spaciousness or choosing appropriate materials and colours for floors and walls.

In this article, we at L’Antic Colonial, show you 9 practical ideas on how to decorate a small bathroom.

9 decorating ideas to make the most of a small bathroom

Less is more 

One of the keys to avoid saturating a small space is to place its basic elements correctly. In the case of small bathrooms, these elements are the sink, toilet, and shower.

The general recommendation is to choose simple lines for sanitary ware and furniture, so that the accessories, lighting, flooring and details are the ones that add personality to the room. 

The key to achieving a good layout and increasing the feeling of space? Make sure there is mobility in the central area. 

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Sliding doors

It seems like something simple, but with a sliding door, we can gain the space that would be otherwise occupied by a conventional hinged door. This is an important aspect to consider if we want to make the most of a small bathroom.  

Small bathroom decor ideas

Design furniture 

Using custom-made furniture is a good alternative to make the most of the space in small bathrooms. They can be somewhat more expensive, but the investment is worth it. 

The key is to take into account the height and the recommended measures for bathroom furniture, and to take advantage of the vertical space to get the maximum storage possibilities by installing the appropriate accessories.

A good idea for decorating small bathrooms is to choose a round basin with a maximum diameter of 40 centimeters (such as our Stone Basin Countertop 400 Angled Habana Dark model) or a rectangular basin with a purer shape, on a bathroom cabinet suspended from the wall. 

If you wish, you can consult our catalogue of customised wash basins available in various colours (Crema Italia, Grey Stone, Havana Dark, Neve di Carrara or Persian White). 

For the toilet, we recommend models with integrated cistern: innovative, they tend to have a more modern design and are smaller and quieter. They also help us save water. 

Open shower, without a shower screen 

When space is very limited, an excellent small bathroom decor idea is to eliminate the shower screen in order to gain amplitude. In this case, it will be necessary to make the floor sloping to prevent water from running out. 

In this way, we will have a large shower cabin that, when we do not use it, will become a spacious toilet. 

If you finally decide to put a screen in the shower, we recommend that it is of thin profiling, with a sliding door or with one that opens in two directions. 

Neutral colors 

To give a modern look to a small bathroom, you should keep in mind that color plays a fundamental role

White is a safe bet, especially in small spaces, as it multiplies the light and grants greater amplitude. However, we know that white can also generate some coldness, and to lower it we can combine it with other colors. 

For example, with Black & White we will always get very good results. Beige, earth and pastel tones on floors and walls are also a good option in small bathroom decor. 

Floors with personality 

One of the keys to decorating small modern bathrooms is to take risks with the floor. In fact, a good alternative is to go for sobriety in the walls and ceilings, leaving the floor shining with a striking coating

Bathroom floors should be water-resistant and non-slip, as they are very exposed to moisture. 

How to decorate a small bathroom

One of the trends in bathroom floors are ceramic tiles, which are easy to clean and are long-lasting too. We can also opt for porcelain floors, tiles or wood, which is becoming more and more popular both in flooring and in furniture and accessories for the bathroom.

Hydraulic tiles will also allow your bathroom to have a lot of personality. 

L’Antic Colonial’s Craft Butterfly, Craft Palace, Craft Crown and Craft Spades models will help you achieve this effect. 

Set one wall apart from the rest

An idea on decorating small bathrooms with an elegant touch is to highlight one wall above the rest: we can choose a smooth, monochromatic floor for the entire room (for example, with ceramics from the TOUCH collection), and play with shapes and volumes on one of the walls. 

If, in addition, we choose the shower wall for this, we will achieve a striking result that will increase the feeling of depth

L’Antic Colonial’s FACES collection is based on a set of planes that intersect each other, creating different orientations and becoming the true protagonists of the space, especially if we choose models with metallic finishes. 

The floor tiles of the SADASI or BALI ceramic collections are also a good alternative to highlight one of the walls of our bathroom. 

Large mirrors

Mirrors always play in favour of space because, if we place them correctly, they help us create a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, they are great decor ideas for small bathrooms.

We recommend setting a large mirror over the sink: it will serve as both a decorative and functional element. And if the bathroom has a window, natural light will multiply since it will be reflected by mirrors. 

Some mirrors in L’Antic Colonial’s Design Series collection will perfectly meet this objective. Among them, we highlight the STONE MIRROR CAPUCCINO GREY and STONE MIRROR CALGARY models, available in 160 X 4.4 X 100 format.  

Pendant lamps

Bathrooms should always be well lit. 

If your bathroom has a window, favor the entrance of light to the maximum. If not, install halogen spotlights to simulate natural light. It is very important to distribute them evenly to obtain a homogeneous illumination, enhancing the vanity area to eliminate shadows.

If you want to add an extra touch of style when decorating your small bathroom, you can hang ceiling lamps over the sink or in a corner, combined at different heights, and install adjustable wall lights on the wall. 
At L’Antic Colonial we create unique spaces with natural materials. Check out our collections of natural wood bathroom furniture, countertops, flooring, shower trays or sinks.


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