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Exclusive floors for distinct terraces

3 June, 2015 | Uncategorized
Exclusive floors for distinct terraces

With the arrival of higher temperatures, terraces transform into the most sought after area of the house. If you are thinking about refurbishing your terrace with summer around the corner in mind, we suggest several options so that you get the most out of your space.

The refinement of natural stone
L’Antic Colonial offers a wide range both in colors and in materials in terms of natural stone.
Sandstone, limestone, quartzite, marble, slate, or travertine, which we can find from light colors such as the Persian White marble or the Chenai White quartzite, to darker colors such as the Botswana limestone or the Bhutan slate.
As a distinguishing point, there are various pieces with special colors that give the terrace a characteristic touch. Examples such as the surprising linear veining of the Andes White marble, the grayish color of the Grey Aged limestone or the surprising bluish hue of the Patagonia slate.
Once the stone is selected, it very important to have a clear idea of the finishing we want to achieve. We must take into account that some finishings such as polishing, are incompatible in outdoor areas because they can be slippery. Therefore, the best option are the finishings that offer some resistance without losing an ounce of their look, as for instance flamed, aged, or sanded, which pass all outdoor use tests.
In terms of formats, there is a large variety of standard options such as the 30×60, 60×60, or 40×80 cm; In addition to larger formats such as the 160×60 cm one. But as a special order and always upon request, “extra large” formats can be ordered up to the maximum that the stone slab allows. We would like to point out that all L’Antic Colonial stone is protected with BIOprot, a liquid treatment that reduces the appearance of common household bacteria.
A beauty that can only be offered by the uniqueness of natural stone, where there are no two pieces alike, and which is always evolving.

The warmth of natural wood
Natural wood offers a different factor in terms of terraces. It is true that it require a more intensive care, but the visual and touch sensing achieved with these woods cannot be replicated with other materials.
From L’Antic Colonial, we suggest our Ipe Iguazu Outdoor Decking, made with medium to fine grain tropical wood of exceptional strength and low splintering tendency. It is a dark brown colored wood with very characteristic greenish or tobacco hues. It has a high degree of hardness and high density, and is very resistant to attack from fungi, insects, and termites.

The comfort of Styledeck Plus
As a third option, L’Antic Colonial suggests a material that combines the ease of cleaning and maintenance, with the sensations that natural wood instills. Styledeck Plus is a solid extruded wood layer made up by 60% PEFC certified wood fibers + 35% recycled HDPE High density polyethylene material + 5% natural additives (lubricants and pigments.)
Styledeck Plus is very easily installed thanks to a concealed clip on battens system, and cleaned with pressure water. It does not need maintenance and is resistant to the action of termites and other insects. L’Antic Colonial offers three models in this novel material, Styledeck Plus Dark, Styledeck Plus Grey, and .

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