The 15 best luxury vinyl floors for your home

The 15 best luxury vinyl floors for your home

25 February, 2021

Are you designing your own project or thinking about renovating your home and don’t know what type of flooring to install? Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile, economical materials with excellent properties that you can find on the market. From L’Antic Colonial we have brought you a list of the best luxury vinyl...

Are you designing your own project or thinking about renovating your home and don’t know what type of flooring to install? Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile, economical materials with excellent properties that you can find on the market.

From L’Antic Colonial we have brought you a list of the best luxury vinyl flooring so that your home becomes a unique and exclusive place.

You are invited to read this post from L’Antic Colonial’s blog so that you can get to know the best luxury vinyl flooring for your home.

Which are the best luxury vinyl floors for my home?

Vinyl floors are perfect to be installed in homes but also in commercial establishments or hotels due to their high resistance to abrasion, impacts, water or chemical agents.

They can be installed in frequently walked areas as they will hardly be altered. This is one of the main reasons why architects and interior designers choose the best luxury vinyl floors for their works.

In addition, there is a wide variety of designs and finishes that you can find in our catalogue. The following are the most outstanding collections in the Linkfloor range by L’Antic Colonial.

Kingdom collection

One of the main jewels of the crown in this list of the best luxury vinyl floors is the Kingdom collection, whose appearance will transport you to the great palaces of the European monarchies of the 19th century.

Its appearance simulates the surface of natural wood, bringing luminosity and warmth to the room.

Besides its long format, durability and safety, great characteristics of this material, its installation system is basic, which also guarantees the absence of slits between the slats.

Empire collection

Are you in the process of renovating your home and need it finished as quickly as possible? The Empire collection is what you are looking for, as it is one of the best luxury vinyl flooring that best suits your needs.

Its versatility, comfort, maximum stability and great comfort are some of the main characteristics of this Linkfloor range and one of the most chosen by professionals in the sector.

In addition, it is water resistant, you can install it in the bathroom and give it a warm and cozy appearance.

Eco collection

If you are concerned about the environment and want to install materials that respect and care for our planet, at L’Antic Colonial we have thought of you and, for this reason, we have created the ECO collection.

This collection is made up of a total of four references made with natural and 100% ecological products.

It is a combination of cement, natural fibers and minerals that offers an anti-slip and anti-static floor, which is also ideal for people with allergies.

Multiformat collection

If there is one thing that characterizes the Multiformat collection, it is the large number of possibilities it offers, as its format allows you to create multiple combinations, thus adapting to any design.

Made with excellent quality materials, it is one of the best luxury vinyl flooring on this list.

In the catalogue you will find a total of five references in different shades. You won’t know which one to choose!

Clinker collection

The Clinker collection has a total of 4 references of brown tones whose design is inspired in high quality stones, so it will give any room a unique and innovative look.

This series of the Linkfloor range is one of the great options for residential flooring thanks to its versatile format, which adapts to all projects.

Do not hesitate to visit our web catalogue and discover the multiple properties of this collection.


Terra collection

Do you want to install vinyl flooring in the living room of your home, but it is a very frequented area and you are afraid that the material will be affected? The Terra collection is characterized by its high resistance, perfect for high traffic areas.

The appearance of this collection of the Linkfloor range simulates the appearance of stone, it also combines different finishes and textures, so you have different options to choose the one you like best.

Discover all its properties in our catalogue.

Oak collection

The Oak collection achieves that any room where this material, one of the best luxury vinyl flooring, is installed, gets a cozy appearance, bringing warmth to the room. This is possible thanks to the natural wood look of this vinyl flooring.

In addition, it stands out for its resistance to abrasion, impacts and water, among other advantages of this vinyl flooring.

Its installation is easy and simple, you will be able to have a luxurious vinyl floor in a short time.

Mountain collection

One of the collections that stands out the most and of course is on this list of luxury vinyl flooring is the Mountain collection, inspired by natural wood.

Its unique textures and naturalistic designs with a wealth of detail brings the beauty of natural wood with all the advantages of vinyl flooring.

Authentic collection

This collection from L’Antic Colonial’s Linkfloor range has been baptized as the perfect collection due to its multiple advantages.

A total of four series that simulate the appearance of wood giving a natural look, it is mainly characterized by its design and the comfort of the slats of this type of flooring. Easy to install so you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to do so.

Rock collection

The Rock collection from L’Antic Colonial’s Linkfloor range is made up of ten series and is one of the best luxury vinyl floors on this list.

This paving recreates the appearance of natural stone and you will also be able to find a wide variety of tones, from white to beige or darker tones such as black and grey. All of them are suitable for installation in wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

It is mainly characterized by the fact that it has been made with high quality raw materials.

Brach collection

This collection offers an extensive range of colors so you can choose the one that best matches with the needs of your design, being the naturalness and warmth that they provide to any space two of the most outstanding aspects.

Its great versatility and multiple possibilities of use are the main advantages of the Branch collection, although you will find many more on the website.

Legend collection

The Legend collection is ideal for those who enjoy the vintage aesthetic with a worn and aged texture, and that can only be achieved by one of the best luxury vinyl floors.

Made with high quality raw materials, you will find on our website a total of five references that will give any room a classic but fashionable look at the same time.

Grain collection

This vinyl has a unique and exclusive textile look in the market. This is a textile vinyl that is in the list of the best vinyl flooring due to its characteristic and different look to what you can find commercialize.

It is a textile vinyl whose texture recreates the drawings of natural wood, a material acclaimed by the most experts.

Roll contract

The last collection in this list of the best luxury vinyl flooring is the Roll collection, which contains a total of nine references ideal for your home flooring.

It is presented in roll format, which makes its installation easier and faster, ideal for those moments when you need to have a floor ready in a short time.

In addition, it is perfectly resistant to impact, water and abrasion.


The best luxury vinyl flooring at L’Antic Colonial

At L’Antic Colonial you will find the best luxury vinyl floors listed here and many other products made with excellent quality materials. In addition, we invite you to visit our blog where you will find a multitude of ideas that will inspire you.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality materials such as vinyl flooring, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Each of our products are manufactured under high quality standards, meeting the most rigorous market requirements.

Also, if you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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