Timeless inspirations to decorate your home

Timeless inspirations to decorate your home

21 September, 2021

Timeless decor is a great source of inspiration. Although there are perfectly defined timeless ideas, the optimal thing to do is to combine them

Interior decoration is more important than we think: the different decoration styles can improve the aesthetics of our home, create a sense of unity, harmony and comfort, and are also a reflection of ourselves.

Choosing a decorative style can take some time, whether we have just bought an apartment or a house or if we want to change the decoration of our current home. The reason is that previously we will have to define what we really feel identified with. After all, there are elements that cannot succumb to passing fashions or current trends, and that we cannot change constantly. 

Of course, this does not mean we should give up our tastes. Rather, what we propose is to go for a timeless home decor and adapt it to your character and personality

How to choose the style that best suits my home? 

Get informed

Our first tip for choosing a decorating style is to explore. Fortunately, today you can find a lot of information about the different timeless home decorating styles or the main trends of the moment. in our blog you will find inspirational content. 

Select the elements that best suit you 

The key is to look at the elements that catch your attention, see what patterns they follow and analyze if they fit according to the layout of your home, size, lighting, etc. Some of the issues you should consider are the type of flooring, wall coverings or furniture. 

On the one hand, we suggest you think about the materials (natural stone, wood, metal, etc.) and the shapes (straight lines, curves, simple shapes, modern designs, etc.). 

Add your personal touch 

Many people find it difficult to opt for a single decoration style. A good alternative in this case is to combine several timeless home decor styles. The idea is that both complement each other while we choose what we like most about each of them. An example of this fusion is the industrial Nordic style. 

Timeless Home Decor

What is timeless decoration? 

Timeless decoration is a style that does not refer to any time or any specific space. It is, in order words, a “neutral decoration”, in which the elements (furniture, shapes, coverings, etc.) create environments that do not go out of fashion

Spaces decorated in a timeless style are based on the use of neutral tones (white in all its variations, grays, taupe and sand), which fit in with all kinds of trends. Normally, these are enduring designs in shapes and textures, in which priority is given to high quality materials and finishes. 

One of the cornerstones of timeless decoration are the period pieces (paintings, sculptures, showcases, etc.) that can become the protagonists of the space.

Opting for the timeless style has many advantages. One of the most important is that you can constantly adjust your decor: although it may seem boring, you will only have to change or rearrange some elements to give the space a different feel. 

4 keys on how to decorate timelessly

Go for white

To achieve a timeless decor style at home, start by thinking about your walls. It is best that they become a blank canvas, so we advise you to discard garish or flashy tones. There are also some nuances: if you are looking for brightness, always go for white, but if you want to raise the temperature of a room, choose a beige. 

If you want a more modern touch for a room, the range of grays can be interesting. 

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Natural materials

Some materials go hand in hand with timelessness, and one of them is wood. Wooden floor coverings are fundamental in this decorative style. If you wish, you can opt for vinyl or laminate flooring

The most important thing is to choose the appropriate color: light tones enhance brightness and do not detract from the quality, so you can go for ash, beech, light oak or fir. Other natural materials such as fiber, stone or marble are also timeless and will help you to keep your house stylish for many years.

Emphasize architectural details

One of the keys to achieving a timeless space is to take advantage of the different architectural elements of the house. Some examples are columns, moldings, decorated ceilings, wooden beams, vaults or recesses in the walls, which can be used to place shelves and even to highlight the space and give it a unique look. 

Plain fabrics

In this case, we are referring to both upholstery and wallpaper walls. Of course, marked prints can be elegant and bring personality to a house, but it is easier to get tired of them or go out of fashion. 

That is why plain fabrics are a good choice if we want to achieve a temporary decoration. Another good idea is to mix fabrics that provide weft or are decorated with embossed motifs, but in the same color to ensure the effect of unity. 

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Examples of timeless decorative style 

Industrial style

Inspired by old workshops and factories of 1950s New York, the industrial style is common in lofts and studios. This timeless style suits homes with large windows, open spaces and high ceilings, and is characterized by giving priority to structural elements, leaving exposed brick walls and concrete columns. 

Leather sofas, handcrafted furniture and metal and glass accessories also characterize the industrial style. 

Timeless Home Decor

Classic style

Classic never goes out of style, and we can always choose it to decorate our home. Classic style furniture exalts traditional and elegant decoration, and is the opposite of “minimalist decoration”. The classic style stands out for its details and quality. In fact, one of its advantages is the authenticity of the pieces and materials, made with fine woods and natural stone. 

Art Deco style

Art Deco was a popular design movement during the 1920s. Today, one hundred years later, the taste for this decorative style has not waned. In fact, it has given rise to an elegant and sophisticated way of understanding decoration, with a timeless character. Some of the elements that define art deco are geometric patterns on floors, the application of marble, golden details, glass and some fabrics such as velvet. 

Rustic style

Rustic style does not go out of style either. The main attraction of this style lies in the use of wood in furniture and accessories to create a calm and warm atmosphere, in constant connection with nature. 

Pine is the type of wood that best suits the rustic style.  Other materials that fit with the rustic style are fibers, clay or natural stone.

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