Each collection, each piece and each material follows the parameters of the L'AC style and design. Thought to create unique spaces with natural materials of the highest quality and exclusive design.

Vintage Collection

This Vintage design is the product of a work of adaptation and synthesis to give the sinks a light and sophisticated appearance. The aim of this collection was to create a different piece in the L'Antic Colonial catalog, a product that exploits all the virtues of marble.

Harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality. Ramón Esteve seeks to stress the plastic qualities of the stone by giving it a sculptural character. Thus, Faces presents a timeless collection with which to decorate the bathroom with unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Why bathrooms?

These pieces will allow us to create unique spaces due to their character and nature. Multiple elements that follow L’Antic Colonial’s line, offering products made with natural materials together with great style and design.