Ceramic tiles are one of the best options for cladding walls because they are extremely durable and easy to clean. Ceramic wall tiles open up numerous decorative possibilities, both in private spaces and large, public areas.

Sadasi Traditional and colorful

With a matt finish, they feature an asymmetrical surface that adds texture and accentuates their traditional ceramic style. This material, which is suitable for both interior and exterior walls and floors, allows you to unleash your creativity with its countless possible uses.

The distinctive shape of the pieces in the Rhombus collection opens up countless possibilities thanks to the numerous combinations that can be applied. As the tiles are highly shaded, they have a vintage look, enhanced by the colorful frescoes featured in this collection.

Why Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramics is one of the best options for wall covering due to its high resistance and easy cleaning. Both in private spaces and in large public areas, there are numerous decorative possibilities that ceramic wall coverings give us.