One of L’Antic Colonial’s standout products is the Linkfloor, a vinyl material that mimics the appearance of fabric, natural wood or stone. Thanks to its versatility, comfort, durability, excellent quality and outstanding stability, it is perfect for refurbishing homes and public spaces.


Linkfloor Supreme

Supreme is a waterproof floor, so it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms or in commercial areas where liquids can fall such as cafes and restaurants.



The Linkfloor Kingdom is composed of naturalistic designs with a wealth of realistic detail. Its elongated format allows for quick installation. Ideal for indoor floors that require a resistant floor.


Linkfloor Realm

The natural-looking beauty and elegance of the herringbone, along with the technical benefits offered by the Linkfloor, make the Realm collection the perfect choice for flooring in the most demanding spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants, shops, etc.


Linkfloor is a range of vinyl floors and walls from L’Antic Colonial that emulates  fabric, stone or natural wood. It’s wonderful characteristics such as versatility, comfort, durability, high quality and maximum stability, among others, have made it one of the star materials.

We have collections specially designed for vinyl wall coverings, such as Contract . Others are specifically designed as vinyl floors, such as Roll Contract, Empire or Hotel Air.

In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of collections with different formats, from elongated slats with which to pave elegant bedrooms, to rolls with which to achieve your vinyl floor.

These revolutionary fibre covering fabrics combine the wear and tear properties of vinyl flooring with textile aesthetics and texture. For their part, the simulated natural wood finishes offer a precise similarity to the naturalness and warmth of wood.



The vinyl floors and walls of L’Antic Colonial’s Linkfloor range are characterised by their high resistance.

Simple installation

The installation, through the systems Lock, Drop Lock, Loose Lay or by glued, is very easy and simple.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of a wall or vinyl floor is simple, you just have to clean it with a hoover, mop or damp mop and, every so often, you should do a more in-depth cleaning with a damp cloth and the recommended product Clean&Green Active.


The wall and vinyl floor coverings in our catalogue are ideal for installation in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Any L’Antic Colonial vinyl floor is compatible with underfloor heating.


There are many possibilities, as many as tastes and personalities.


Why is Linkfloor so resistant to abrasion, impact, water, humidity, chemicals and stains? Due to the technical innovation of this product, as it is a vinyl fabric mounted on PVC with a polyester and fibreglass interior.

Linkfloor is ideal for more demanding public spaces such as hotels, offices, restaurants, etc.

If you have more doubts when buying vinyl flooring, ask our specialists or download our catalogue with practical information about this type of material.