Wood is known for its hardness, for being a perfect thermal and electrical insulator and for being flexible and strong at the same time. These characteristics make it perfect for decorating your home, on parquet and natural wood floors and on interior walls.

Tortona Oak wood

Their high stability and scratch resistance make these wooden floors the perfect choice for creating cosy atmospheres, both in new projects and in renovations.


Oak wood parquet that captures the essence of the forest in every piece. Designed to transform your spaces into warm and welcoming environments.

Natural wood is one of the main materials coming from nature that have been used in construction due to its multiple properties and the many possibilities it offers.

We base our work on functional and exclusive designs with which notable designs that can be achieved.

Why natural wood?

Natural wood is a very versatile material that can be used for numerous purposes, such as natural wood floors that will provide a warm atmosphere to any room in the house.

Among all the virtues that we can highlight of this resource of nature, it should be noted that natural wood is a sustainable, renewable and abundant material, whose use in construction does not have a negative impact on the environment.

At L’Antic Colonial we are aware of the richness of this natural resource and the beauty it can bring when it comes to the design of your home. For this reason, we have an extensive catalog of natural wood products.

You will find a wide variety of natural wood tones, from the darkest to the lightest. In addition, the natural color of this material allows it to be combined with any color on walls or furniture. Perfect for all styles.

Besides the extraordinary beauty that this material offers, it is a timeless element, which makes it perfect to be the center of decoration for any room.

If there is one quality that makes natural wood stand out, it is its capacity to transport to make us feel that we are in a natural environment. Installing this material on the floor of your home will make you feel peace and quiet.

In addition, natural wood contributes to reduce and regulate the humidity levels, allowing to maintain the house in optimal conditions.

On the other hand, natural wood has the ability to provide a touch of elegance and exclusivity that will obtain an air of sophistication in any room.

In summary, if there is a perfect material to be used in decoration is undoubtedly the natural wood.

Natural wood in L’Antic Colonial

The great experts in interior design use natural wood on a recurring basis thanks to the many properties it has.

At L’Antic Colonial we have a commitment with the environment and sustainability, for this reason we only use natural wood from sustainable forests.

Sustainable forests are areas in which more trees are grown than are cut down, in this way the renovation of forests, so important for the conservation of the planet’s natural resources, is guaranteed.

The certifications that our products made of natural wood possess certify our commitment with sustainability and the environment.

At L’Antic Colonial we have over 20 years of history satisfying the needs of our most demanding clients, which has made us one of the leading companies in the sector.

If you are looking for inspiration for the design of your home, have a look at the catalog of L’Antic Colonial, where you will find an exclusive selection of products for the house of your dreams. We recommend you to consult the uses and applications of each one of our products.