Mosaic tiles that are able to impress and add personality and refinement to any interior walls on which they are used. Their distinctive appearance and uneven surface make them a unique option with lots of character.

Sphere Copper

Sphere is contemporary, both in form and finish. Its tesserae, made in confronted semicircles, generate circular designs, although heterogeneous at the same time, due to the brushing in each of the tesserae.


Decorative and eye-catching mosaic, ideal to be the protagonist of any space. These pieces offer a great sensation of volume, alternating pieces with an internal relief with other flat ones.

Our mosaics are able of impressing and proportionating personality and distinction to any space where they are installed. Their original aesthetics and their irregular surface make them a unique option gifted with great character…

From L’Antic Colonial you will find a great variety of designs and unique ideas to revolutionize the decoration of your home. Here, there is infinitude of pieces filled with sophistication and designed to provide that cosy environment in every corner…

L’Antic Colonial Mosaics: something special

In L’Antic Colonial, we always seek for special designs able to reflect all kind of personalities. They adapt easily to any surface where they are placed in, adjusting to its decoration and highlighting the most unique singularities of the space.

During the elaboration of the mosaics found at L’Antic Colonial, our experts take into consideration every single detail. The glow, its texture or their colour are the result of a delicate creation process.

Looking for originality means choosing L’Antic Colonial mosaics.

Why choosing mosaics for your home?

If you are looking for covering one – or several – places at your house with personality, originality and provide it with character, mosaics are a great option to take into consideration. They are pieces that give a touch of style to any space they are placed in. 

You will find colourful mosaics that inspire elegance, deepness and movement, made with a wide variety of materials, specially chosen to provide naturality and vibrancy to any room. Our mosaics are a symbol of design, a way to create sublime combinations.

Each of them differs from the others: diverse shapes, an original aesthetics and infinite options. Our modern mosaics present an extensive diversity of shapes, colours, materials and designs among which you will find the one that fits your preferences at most.

Mosaics: different formats and different presentations

Depending on the material used in their fabrication, they present different options:

  • If you prefer natural stone, marble and travertine are the base of our stone mosaics.
  • Mosaics made of slate are a great option for those who are searching for darker tones. These are ideal for covering modern spaces, with a touch of innovation and uniqueness.
  • Glass mosaics present matte finishes that in combination with their Mediterranean colours, can create a beautiful mosaic that provides profundity and creates unique reflections. Thus, achieving a fresh and uninhibited environment.
  • Metal mosaics are a new format that provides beautiful sparks thanks to their gloss finish and brush-off effects with colours such as metal, gold and rose gold among others.
  • Our wood mosaics give dimensional profundity and uniqueness thanks to their triangular and undulating tiles.