The glass mosaics from L’Antic Colonial have something special. They will bring that special touch you are looking for in your bathroom, pool, kitchen or any place where they might be placed. The dynamism and elegance that characterise these mosaics can be seen from the first glance.

Depending on the glass mosaic that has been chosen, it will be possible to create a different effect in each space. There are thousands of textures that can be achieved with this type of material: vibrant and bright colours, black and white or with a matt finish for a more avant-garde appearance.

There are so many designs, colours and shapes available that they can cover the surface of any environment. They will enhance and reinforce the personality of the place where they might be installed.

Why are the glass mosaics from L’Antic Colonial special?

Glass is a material that has always been used in decoration due to its flexibility and features. A glass mosaic can give you not only that unique atmosphere but also many other functional properties.

This material is very versatile and dynamic when trying to decorate any environment. They can provide the extra touch that makes the difference in the decoration of your kitchen or living room.

In addition, a glass mosaic has a much simpler maintenance and it is also easier to clean than other mosaics made with other materials. They require less effort and time due to their composition.

The installation of these glass mosaics stand the test of time and the possible humidity that sometimes might occur. These mosaics have the excellence and duration that are so characteristic from L’Antic Colonial.

Reasons why you should choose L’Antic Colonial’s designs

L’Antic Colonial is the most exclusive firm from Porcelanosa’s group. They work to fulfil the exigencies of their clients and provide the most exquisite decoration up to the last trends in decoration. They are done with the highest quality materials taken from natural resources and chosen through a strict selection process.

Innovation is one of the most important values from L’Antic Colonial. It is vital to keep developing new and different styles in order to adapt to the taste of the professional designers, architects and decoration lovers.

The glass mosaics from L’Antic Colonial inspire elegance, deepness and movement. They are mosaics decorated with Mediterranean colours that bring out their personality and provoke unique reflections. Create fresh and easy environments.

In L’Antic Colonial, you will find many different types of mosaics made from diverse materials: wood mosaics, stone mosaics or metal mosaics are some of them. Finding the ideal decoration is only possible through the best materials.

If you are looking for inspiration and new decoration ideas, get in contact with us.