The wide range of stone mosaics from L’Antic Colonial is almost endless when it comes to shapes, stiles, formats and colours. The natural stone brings to your decoration that original final touch. The stone mosaics that can be found in our catalogue bring infinite possibilities to reform and revive any interior and exterior space.

The design of the stone mosaics of L’Antic Colonial is created in search for the exquisite taste and elegance.  They vary from minimalistic styles to the more traditional and delicate ones or they can be avant-garde with eccentric and vivid colours.

They give a professional appearance to any interior space. They will adapt and enhance its personality without leaving aside their uniqueness and character. Explore in our wide catalogue all the different options available.

Why are the stone mosaics from L’Antic Colonial special?

L’Antic Colonial is one of the most exclusive firms of Porcelanosa group. The selection of each of the materials that compose these stone mosaics is made through a strict study of their properties.

In addition, L’Antic Colonial is always making sure that the final result is suited to the surface and space where they are installed. The stone mosaic’s designs are specially made to fulfil the requirements of every place and meant to be up to the last trends in decoration.

The stone mosaics in L’Antic Colonial are sophisticated and made with natural and exotic materials that truly define the brand. Their main purpose is to inspire experts in decoration, architects, interior designers or design lovers to help them create unique and inimitable places.

Stone mosaics: ideal for any room or place

Using natural stone mosaics is one of the best alternatives for interior design. This kind of material brings uncountable positive aspects and very attractive features when compared to other resources.

Natural stone provides an easy maintenance since it stands the test of time, no matter if it is installed in interior or exterior places. This makes our STONE MOSAICS collection ideal for the façade cladding in natural stone in living rooms, bathrooms and private rooms.

What other types of mosaics can be found in L’Antic Colonial?

L’Antil Colonial is characterised for its wide variety of mosaic designs. If stone mosaics are not exactly what you are looking for, there are thousands of different options that can be also taken into consideration.

In L’Antic Colonial can also be found wood mosaics for more organic and natural decorations, metal mosaics to get a more special and modern result, totally resistant to any external agent.

To get inspired and find the best results, we recommend you get in contact with us.