Tips to add warmth to your home

Tips to add warmth to your home

31 October, 2022

Wood floors and furniture will be your best ally if you are looking to bring a feeling of warmth in your home. Check all our tips!

Arriving home after a long day at work, a hard workout or just a whole day away from it, is comforting. Because the place where we live is our true comfort zone, the place where we feel most protected and where we are really ourselves. 

Generating this feeling of comfort is also important because we spend a large part of our family and leisure time at home. 

When renovating or decorating a home, one of our goals is to help you create unique and cozy spaces. After all, it is precisely that “warmth” that makes the difference between a well-decorated room and a real home. 

Wood: the best ally to give warmth to your home 

There are many lists of tips on how to turn your house into a warm home.

The most relevant are to look for a decoration that we really like, add details to give personality and choose materials such as wood.

Natural wood is a noble material, with a great insulation capacity, both thermal and acoustic, and pleasant to look at and touch: its texture is usually very soft due to its low thermal conductivity, a physical quality that makes it easier to make rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

From the point of view of design and aesthetics, one of the great advantages of incorporating wood into any space is its ability to give all elements robustness and charisma

Its wide possibilities for combining with other materials such as steel, glass or metal are also beneficial.

From a functional perspective, wood is commonly used in furniture, enclosures (windows and doors) and flooring. In addition to being one of the most widely used materials due to its durability and resistance, wood floors have many advantages and make spaces more comfortable.

We can also use wood as a structural/decorative element in sight (in beams, columns, etc.) and even to create coverings, baseboards, moldings or friezes that cover all or part of the wall, giving it a distinctive and original touch of color.

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6 Keys to bring more warmth to your home. 

The question that many people ask themselves before buying a home or making a reform is: is there any “infallible” trick to make my home warmer and cozier?

In addition to the use of materials that transmit that feeling, such as wood, the key is to make the house emanate comfort and tranquility in equal parts thanks to ideas like these: 

Personalized decoration 

One of the keys to interior design and decoration is to achieve the best balance throughout the rooms of the house: it is important to not overload the walls of accessories or unnecessary objects, just as to not leave them completely empty.

To give a warmer and more personal touch to a home, you can resort to classic and effective tips, such as hanging family photos or pictures. 

You can also choose to personalize a single wall, as a “museum”. The key in this case is to match the different shapes and colors of the different elements so that, even if it is full of details, the wall looks visually clean. 

Use of neutral colors

The warmer and more neutral the colors of the walls are, the more peaceful a house feels

In addition, when the walls are white, they can be easily paired with earth-toned furniture, achieving very cozy results. 

On the other hand, neutral colors are timeless, they do not go out of fashion: we can keep them for years without having to change them, adapting them to any decorative style. 

If you wish, you can learn more about timeless decoration

Simple furniture 

Furniture will help you achieve warmth in your home: think that an overloaded or pompous furniture can get all the attention, and the room can lose the feeling of seclusion that a warm home requires.

We recommend that you go for simple furniture, preferably made of wood, in light tones that blend with the rest of the color palette of the house.

Make the most of every corner 

To create a feeling of warmth at home, it is advisable to reduce the “dead corners” as much as possible, which can be used to create small closets, storage areas or reading corners. 

These spaces can also be used to provide our most extravagant or risky touch, so that we can give character to our home without breaking the aesthetics and warmth of the rest of the house.

Surround and indirect lighting 

One of the factors that best determine the warmth of a house is light. Both natural light, capable of creating cozy environments, and artificial light, which we can use to create intimate atmospheres. 

The main advice is to use warm and indirect lights, preferably dimmable, to be able to adjust them.

To control the intensity of light we can replace conventional switches with dimmers or dimmers.

LEDs or spot lights partially integrated in bookcases, shelves or furniture will also give a cozier feeling to the space.

Dress up your home with the right fabrics

One last tip to bring warmth into the home is to use curtains and rugs

Long, floor-length curtains in light colors are recommended. 

Regarding carpets, it is better to go for warmer tones that go well with the rest of the decoration. 

When it comes to fabrics (cushions, sofa covers, upholstered chairs or armchairs, etc.), we recommend beige tones, earth tones or the range of grays, in soft textures such as velvet or leather.


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