The different types of marble

The different types of marble

17 May, 2023

Discover the different types of marble, its features and unique applications. We help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Marble is a material with many functional and aesthetic advantages.

We are talking about an “exclusive” type of natural stone, as the veining of each piece is unique.

Moreover, marble is available in a wide chromatic range, which, together with its extraordinary finishes, polishes and textures, can go well together with different styles.

Types of marble available by colour

The colour palette of marble is very wide and varied, and includes monochrome and polychrome varieties (depending on its veinage). 

Types of white marble

White marble conveys purity, brings light to the rooms and combines well with different colours.

Some of the most important types of white marble are: 

  • White Ibiza. Resistant and simple, it is known for its grey veining. It can be used both in interiors (bathrooms and kitchens) and in outdoor flooring.
  • White Carrara marble. Of all the types of marble, Carrara marble, extracted at the foot of the Alps, is one of the most famous in the world. Synonymous with quality and distinction, this fine-grained natural stone offers a pure white colour with fine greyish veins, and is a classic for bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.
  • White lilac marble. This marble has a white background and intense violet veins that run uniformly across its surface. Thanks to its finishes, marble walls are quite common, although it can also be used as cladding for countertops.
  • White Volakas. The Volakas marble is characterised by its soft grey veining, being one of the most versatile white marbles for all types of interiors.
  • White Thassos. This is the “purest” type of white marble. Its application as wall and floor covering highlights the luminosity and distinction of each room.
  • White Macael marble. The white Macael marble has a uniform surface and offers “details” in greyish blue. Particularly versatile, the hardness of some types of marble such as Macael facilitates its use in interiors (bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms) and exteriors (ventilated façades, flooring, stairs, etc.). 
  • White Tranco. This white marble could be considered a natural “substitute” of the Macael and is somewhat more economically accessible.
Types marble

Types of cream marble

The cream marble is one of the most preferred by architects, decorators and interior designers due to its tonalities, such as ivory or beige, which create peaceful and elegant atmospheres.  

Its main varieties are:

  • Crema Marfil. The Crema Marfil marble is one of the best known in the world. It is an exclusive natural stone, consistent and with many aesthetic possibilities for interiors and exteriors.
  • Crema Cenia. This type of marble stands out for its pinkish colour, with fine grain and uniform background, and for its finish, usually flamed.
  • Crema Valencia. The Crema Valencia marble has the peculiarity of including white and red veins throughout the material, which gives it a marked and personal aesthetic that fits with more transgressive styles.

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Types of black marble

Black marble is associated with luxury and elegance. And, although it detracts light from rooms, its use is widespread in spacious and bright rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Besides its aesthetics, the main characteristic of black marble is its finish, which can be rough, aged, bush-hammered or polished.

The most popular types of black marble are:

  • Black Marquina. With unique intensity and strength, this marble has calcite veins that give it a unique look. It is mainly used as a floor covering.
  • Black Calatorao. The black Calatorao marble is a very resistant natural stone, which can be used as exterior flooring thanks to its hardness. 

Types of red marble

Red marble brings warmth and sensuality to interior spaces. 

It is widely used in decorative details, being common to see it in staircases and hallways, both in private homes and in buildings with a high traffic of people. 

Recognisable by its light veining, some of the varieties of red marble are Alicante, Bilbao, Levante and Coralito, the latter known for its intense red colour. 

Types of brown marble

Brown marble conveys security and can be used in any decoration.

It has a lot of potential to create cosy atmospheres and it is recommended in rooms where we spend a lot of time, such as the living room or the kitchen. 

Some types of brown marble are Dark Emperador (which can be combined with many colours), Light Emperador (softer than the previous one) and Rain Forest Brown (especially hard and with brown, grey and reddish veins).

Types of pink marble

Pink marble is synonymous with calm. In fact, it is often used in spaces meant for resting.

Ideal for rooms with little luminosity, pink marble has two great advantages: it generates soft and elegant atmospheres, and we can combine it with neutral colours, such as white or grey, or with powerful colours, such as brown or green.

The types of pink marble are Rosa de Portugal (with small grey and brown veins), Rosa Levante or Rosa Zarci (with a uniform and sober colour). 

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Types of yellow marble

Although yellow marble is not widely used, it brings a lot of personality.

Two of its varieties are Spanish Gold (with reddish veins) and Amarillo Triana (very colourful due to its irregular veins).

Types marble

Types of green marble 

Green is associated with nature and brings harmony to environments.

In the case of green marble, we are talking about a material that, combined with white marble, transmits freshness, being a good alternative for the cladding of bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

The main types of green marble are Verde Indio (with an intense colour and few veins or very marked white veins, common in bathrooms) and Rain Forest Green (with low porosity and alternating green and brown veins).

Types of grey marble

Grey marble guarantees a neutral tone that, due to its aesthetics, can be combined with an infinite number of materials and chromatic nuances.

The most known grey marble varieties are Pietra Grey (from Iran and defined by its uniform graphite grey tone with thin white veins) and Gris Marengo (with a dark tone and compact character).

Still not familiar with the different types of marble at L’Antic Colonial?

Marble is one of the decorative trends that never goes out of fashion, and the extensive variety of marble at L’Antic Colonial is proof of this. 

If you are looking for timeless white marble, you can check out our ARCTIC WHITE, BIANCA, GOLDEN WHITE and PERSIAN WHITE collections. 

If, on the contrary, you are looking for a type of marble that brings brightness and spaciousness with a touch of colour, you can go for the ALHAMA and IVORY series.

If you want a cream or brown marble that fits in with any aesthetic, our options are KAYAK BEIGE and NAIROBI CREMA; while if your thing is personality in its “pure state”, you can opt for L’Antic Colonial’s ASTON and BALCAN grey marble series.Finally, if you love the elegance of black, our marbles for you are the classic NEGRO MARQUINA and HABANA DARK series, the latter being one of our star floor tiles.


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