Types of natural stone for your home

Types of natural stone for your home

31 July, 2020

Natural stone has been one of the most used elements in construction since the beginning of time due to its excellent characteristics. There are many types of natural stone used to decorate your home, in this article from L’Antic Colonial we tell you about the most used by experts: 1 Granite2 Marble3 Slate4 Onyx5 Quartzite6...

Natural stone has been one of the most used elements in construction since the beginning of time due to its excellent characteristics.

There are many types of natural stone used to decorate your home, in this article from L’Antic Colonial we tell you about the most used by experts:


The granite is one of the types of natural stone most appreciated by the architects because of its durability and beauty.

Its properties enable granite to be used in both exterior and interior paving and flooring, as well as in worktops, bathrooms or columns. This natural stone has been used for the construction of monuments, cathedrals or public buildings for years.

This natural stone provides a wide variety of unique possibilities for the design of your home.


The marble is the natural stone by excellence when it comes to decoration. Because of its properties it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The characteristic durability and resistance of this material combined with the beauty and elegance that it provides to any room, turns marble into one of the most used types of natural stone by expert designers and architects when they design their projects.

This elegant stone is used in walls and floors as well as in furniture. It brings to the room a touch of exclusivity and elegance which makes it unique.

Although marble in its most natural state is white, there are other tones such as beige, black or grey.

It is perfect for both the most classic and the most modern and innovative projects.


The slate is a type of natural stone that has been formed from sedimentary rocks and whose main characteristic is that it is divided into thin layers or sheets.

These days it has become one of the most recurrent decorative elements to be used on walls and floors, both indoors and outdoors.

While in the interior of the house designers use natural stone to cover the walls, in the exterior it is usually applied on facades and floors due to the impermeability and durability of this natural stone.

Slate is a material characterized by its versatility, no matter what style you are looking for your home as this natural stone has the ability to adapt to any design.

In nature it comes in various types of shades, from the classic black to grey or red tones.

Slate will add a touch of distinction to your project.


This oxide-type stone is formed by the accumulation of volcanic gases. Traditionally due to its magnificent properties it has been used for jewellery and decoration items such as vases or lamps.

It is considered a semi-precious stone since it is considered the only one among the different types of natural stone which is translucent.

When it comes to design, this natural stone provides great brightness and enhances the beauty of any environment. It is used by interior designers and architects for the coating of interiors and bathrooms.

Its tonality can vary from the most neutral tones such as white or beige to an orange tone that adds personality to the design.



The quartzite is a type of metamorphic stone, which means that it is formed from sandstones with a high content of quartz. Due to its composition, from other stones, quartzite presents a wide variety of tones: white, blue, red, black or yellow.

This natural stone is widely used in construction as it is highly resistant to temperature changes, durable, resistant and does not absorb moisture.

Because of its properties quartzite can be used in pavements, floors, walls, bathrooms, terraces and even in decorative elements such as the columns. Both indoors and outdoors.


The sandstone, a material widely used in construction especially in the coastal areas, is one of the types of natural stones that are formed from sediments of quartz, feldspar and mica.

Architects and interior designers use sandstone because of its multiple uses and excellent properties.

It is usually used in interior or exterior facades because it insulates thermally from both heat and cold. It is also fire resistant.

The most common tone of sandstone is red, a colour that will transport you to the incredible landscapes of the world’s deserts.

Types of natural stone for your home at L’ Antic Colonial

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