Advantages of wall hung washbasins for the home

Advantages of wall hung washbasins for the home

27 June, 2022

Wall-hung washbasins are one of the top trends in bathroom decoration - improve design and save space in small bathrooms!

Washbasins are essential in our daily lives, as they are basic for our personal hygiene. And although they seem to be watertight elements, both their design and the materials they are made of are constantly evolving to adapt to new space requirements and the most modern decorative trends.

The most common designer washbasins are free-standing and consist of two parts: the washbasin and the pedestal. 

There are also “recessed” washbasins, which are those that are embedded in the countertops, and suspended or hanging washbasins, which are placed directly with brackets on the wall and without support on the floor. 

Why install wall-hung washbasins?  

Wall-hung washbasins, although very simple and free of details, usually offer modern and creative designs, with simple and clean lines that bring sobriety, seriousness and elegance to the bathroom. 

In addition, this type of washbasins take up little space and under them can be placed decorative objects, furniture or stools, which makes it possible to gain storage space in small bathrooms.

On the other hand, the possibilities for combining bathroom furniture with suspended washbasins are increasing. The most common are drawer units on wheels or wall-mounted units, although at L’Antic Colonial we have a wide selection of furniture for washbasins that adapt to all decorative styles. 

Wall hung washbasin

With regard to the advantages of this type of washbasin, we highlight four: 

They adapt to any space

Wall-hung washbasins are perfect for private homes, hotels and offices. 

This type of washbasins are also the best alternative if we want to duplicate elements, that is, place two sinks and two mirrors because we live as a couple or because we share a bathroom. 

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We can place them at any height we want

One of the main advantages of wall-hung sinks is the possibility of placing them where you want, regardless of the foot or height of the furniture

In any case, if you are wondering at what height to install a wall-hung washbasin, it is usually placed at a sufficient height to be used by all members of the household. 

It is recommended to install it at a height of 87 centimeters (keep in mind that the average height of pedestal sinks and sinks integrated in furniture is between 80 and 90 centimeters), although we can vary according to our needs.

They facilitate the cleaning of the adjacent tiles

Unlike built-in or pedestal models, a wall-hung washbasin makes cleaning the bathroom much easier, as you will be able to scrub the floor without having to squeeze spaces, preventing the joints from blackening due to the accumulation of dirt or the appearance of mold, damp, etc.

Wall hung washbasin

They offer greater visual lightness

Aesthetically speaking, suspended washbasins are the best alternative for you: thanks to them, you can show off your tiles and have greater visual lightness in your bathroom

And, if you wish, you can also divert attention to other accessories or more striking and original furniture.

How to install a wall hung basin with cabinet

To install a wall-hung washbasin correctly it is essential to choose a strategic location, with good access to the water supply and that is balanced with the rest of the pieces of the bathroom. 

As you know, suspended wash basins are placed directly on the wall, without support on the floor, or embedded in a piece of furniture, so it is quite common that the pipes, are exposed instead of being hidden.

When installing a suspended washbasin, the most important thing is to eliminate the risk of the piece or the cabinet coming loose while we are using it. 

Check the manufacturer’s instructions

The first step is to check the manufacturer’s instructions for each particular sink or cabinet. Keep in mind that all models have some specification, such as a recommended height. 

Once you have selected the height, you will need to measure and mark the wall where you will place the sink and cabinet.

Use the right drill bit

Before proceeding, cut the water intakes to make the holes in the wall. In this case, you should also refer to the manufacturer’s specifications, as they often indicate the type of drill bit you should use. This drill bit should also be adapted to the type of liner in your bathroom. 

Choosing the right drill bit is a relevant issue: although both suspended washbasins and their furniture are safe, a drill bit that is too small or too large can cause the anchors to not fit properly and the washbasin or furniture can detach from the wall

Once the holes have been drilled with a drill, insert the dowels and place the anchor plates. Then, fit the furniture with these plates, through its corresponding hardware, and tighten it well with screws until it is firm.

Normally, the instructions will also tell you how to attach trims and other decorative elements.

Turn of the faucet

Once the wall-hung washbasin cabinet has been anchored to the wall, you need to attach the faucet. To do this, you just have to insert the hoses (or stems) through the hole in the sink and make the connection with the faucet: the hose on the right corresponds to the cold water and the one on the left to the hot water.  

Remember to tighten them well and use the rubber seals to avoid drips or leaks.

Install the siphon

The last step to install a wall-hung basin with a cabinet is to place the siphon at the bottom and the valve at the top of the basin. Check that both elements are perfectly fixed.

Finally, we recommend that you apply silicone between the basin and the wall to improve the hold. Choose a type of silicone that is resistant to humidity and preferably antifungal. 

Regarding the color, look for the one that gives you the best finish
Do you want a small wall hung basin that fits the small size of your bathroom or toilet? Are you looking for furniture for your wall hung basin that is modern and fits your style? Find it on our website.


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