Types of floors for wet rooms: the complete guide

Types of floors for wet rooms: the complete guide

16 April, 2021

Choosing the right wet room floor covering is not an easy task. There are many aspects we should take into account to take the correct choice since it will dictate the rest of the decoration of the area. Wet rooms are more than a trend: they are practical, sophisticated and a great idea to create...

Choosing the right wet room floor covering is not an easy task. There are many aspects we should take into account to take the correct choice since it will dictate the rest of the decoration of the area.

Wet rooms are more than a trend: they are practical, sophisticated and a great idea to create a different space in your home. However, having an open shower is a decision that must be taken with caution. We cannot install just any type of material or we will be risking our well-being and the integrity of the bathroom.

What should you know for choosing the right wet room floor covering?

The best materials for wet room floor covering


The main characteristics one should look for in an adequate wet room floor covering are durability, resistance to water and anti-slip. In this case, it is important to find flooring that is both beautiful and functional to fit all our needs.

However, do not worry: we have selected just the ideal solutions for you.

Vinyl flooring – always the right choice

In L’Antic Colonial we will always remark all the advantages that vinyl flooring can offer us. It is such a flexible material that it fits in all types of environments, including wet room floor coverings.

Vinyl flooring is ideal because of its anti-slip features, offering us a safer surface over other tile types. This is one of the most important characteristics we should look for in our wet room floor covering.

Even though one may think that this type of flooring might not work in humid spaces, vinyl has proven to be water resistant and it provides great durability even with frequent use.

Having this into consideration, we should also contemplate the many advantages that it offers us at a global level. As we have said in previous articles, it is easy to install, easy to desinstall and also resilient on difficult spaces – such as a wet room.

In L’Antic Colonial we have created a magnificent collection that is water resistant and also will enhance the personality of any room. You can opt for our Linkfloor collection Branch for traditional or rural bathrooms, but also the Eco collection which simulates the aesthetics of cement floors if you are looking for a modern and minimalist look.

Also, if you have not seen the Rock Linkfloor collection, we also recommend you taking a look at it if you want to cover your floor in marble but need a more affordable option. The final result will be astonishing.

Mosaic flooring as the traditional alternative

Mosaic tiles are probably the first option that comes into our mind when we are thinking of the right wet room floor covering. These are always used in bathrooms, pools and other spaces of the kind because they have the perfect features for it and also fit the aesthetics we are trying to create.

Pros and cons of glass mosaics on shower floor

They have great slip resistance and can be combined with other materials to build a unique effect. Some might be used to cover the space of the shower or they would create exclusive patterns to add some personality to the design.

Do you need some help knowing how to install them? In this post we provide you a quick guide to learn to do it on your own and some interesting tips.

Our best bet to decorate your shower and wet room floor covering is the collection Boulder from our selection of glass mosaics, which can also be installed on the wall.


Ceramic tiles: a great option with a wider variety of options

Ceramic tiles are also a good idea for floor covering for a wet room. Its material is water proof and it will not accumulate any liquid. In addition, its installation makes sure that no water slips through the gaps between tiles.

Here you will find a great variety of colours and patterns to boost the character of your room. This is one of the most attractive characteristics from ceramic tiles which allows us to decorate the space with distinctive and colourful designs.

In L’Antic Colonial you can find some great references and collections to form the perfect wet room for you. There are some bright coloured collections such as Sadasi that can construct vivid atmospheres when well combined.

Also, the Craft ceramic collection presents beautiful patterns for a more classical style and our Basalt selection works very well in minimalistic or northern ambiences.

Natural stone for a more natural look

Do you want to create a natural environment in your bathroom? Then, natural stone will be the perfect wet room floor covering for you. It is also a good alternative given the properties of the material.

Ideas for using natural stone in your bathroom

It is resistant, but also sophisticated and fine-looking. However, to obtain the best results, we recommend you contacting with an expert that covers the whole installation. If not done well, we cannot assure its durability.

Our personal recommendation is the Amsterdam collection because of its elegance and good quality. It will transform the room into a brighter and more illuminated space where you will wash away all your worries.

Do you need some more references? Explore our different catalogues and let us inspire you – we have even assembled a whole book filled with ideas for your bathroom.

If you need to keep searching for the right material, then we suggest you trying our interactive catalogue. There you can choose the type of flooring you want and select its features (water resistant, shower floorings or shower wall coverings).


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