What is AC5 laminate flooring?

What is AC5 laminate flooring?

27 July, 2023

Learn more about AC5 laminate flooring: features, properties, uses, prices and our best options as manufacturers.

Economical and easy to install, laminate floors are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from natural wood floors in terms of appearance, especially if we opt for quality brands and models.

Laminate flooring has many advantages, among them.

  • High resistance to abrasion, shocks, and scratches.
  • High durability.
  • Possibility of being installed in any space of the house.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance (this type of flooring has a protective layer that prevents dirt from penetrating and, due to its resistance, requires fewer repairs or replacements).

Laminate Flooring Classification: AC, Use and Scope

Laminate flooring is one of the so-called «floating systems».

This type of flooring is manufactured following a layered structure that includes a high-density fiberboard (HDF) to provide stability and strength; a backboard to prevent the core from deforming; a decorative layer consisting of a high-resolution photograph; and a resin layer (overlay) that serves as a final protection.

Different laminate floors are available on the market depending on their thickness and mechanical properties.

All of them comply with the «AC Classification», an international system governed by the quality standard UNE-EN 13329:2007 for laminate flooring.

AC5 laminate flooring

Literally, the acronym AC is a reference to the abrasion criteria (Abrasion Class) of the soil.

Generically, the AC classification establishes a scale of resistance and hardness that all laminate flooring manufacturers are required to respect when labeling their products.

The purpose of this homogenization is to maintain standards and facilitate comparison between different models of flooring and decking. 

The tests to determine the AC classification are performed with a machine that has a sandpaper that simulates wear on the surface layer of the floor.

Depending on how many times it supports the machine tryouts, the floor can be:

  • AC1. Up to 900 times.
  • AC2. Up to 1.800 times.
  • AC3. Up to 2.500 times.
  • AC4. Up to 4.000 times.
  • AC5. Up to 6.500 times.
  • AC6. Up to 8.500 times.

The quality of laminates is also established according to their use (moderate or heavy) and scope (residential only or residential and commercial). 

This is what is known as “usage class”, which ranges on a scale from 21 (for laminate flooring of domestic scope and moderate use) up to 34 (for laminate flooring of intensive residential or moderate industrial scope and usage).

What is an AC5 laminate floor?

AC5 laminate flooring or AC5 decking is one of the most resistant types of flooring on the market. 

In terms of class and use, it is equivalent to a 23/33 classification. The fact of having an AC abrasion classification is not the only contributor, since it must also comply with the characteristics established by the regulations. 

In other words, it is recommended for intensive use in apartment and houses, as well as in hotels and commercial buildings.

In fact, this type of flooring is perfect for spaces that require greater resistance to abrasion

Characteristics of AC5 laminate flooring

Now that we have explained what it means that a floating platform is AC5, we will detail some characteristics of this type of pavement. 

  • Density. AC5 floating flooring usually has a high density board (from 800 kg/m³).
  • Designs and colors. AC5 laminate flooring offers a wide range of designs and colors, and adapts to all types of styles and environments.
  •  Finishes. AC5 laminate floors have glossy or matte finishes, and different textures (sawn, smooth, embossed, more or less porous, etc.) The coordination of textures is perfect to ensure realistic finishes.
  • Treatments. Some AC5 flooring designs incorporate treatments on their surface layer to improve their performance (anti-slip treatments, water-repellent treatments or antibacterial treatments). This option makes them the best alternative for wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, and for homes with small children, people with allergies, people with breathing problems and/or pets. 
  • Installation. AC5 laminate flooring, like all floating floors, are easy to install thanks to its click system, which is very precise and does not deteriorate over time.

Where can I install an AC5 laminate floor?

AC5 laminates can be installed anywhere and are suitable for: 

  • Homes.
  • Commercial premises.
  • Wet areas of the house. In this case, only when they also have the board and the corresponding click to be able to have this cataloging.
  • Offices.
  • Public spaces.
  • Buildings with high traffic of people and public (hotels, theaters, cinemas, etc.). 
AC5 laminate flooring

How much does an AC5 laminate flooring cost?

The price of AC5 laminate floors may vary depending on the following factors: 

  • Board density. The higher the board density, the greater the stability, but also the higher the price.
  • Board thickness. The thicker the board, the more expensive the floor.  
  • Size. Many of the AC5 floors are sold in XXL format pieces, and their cost is also somewhat higher.  
  • Design. Designs with exclusive decoration, finish, and texture have a higher price.
  • Extra treatments. Extra treatments increase the price of the floating floor.
  • Brand. The prices of AC5 laminate flooring differ from one manufacturer to another. Normally, the price is linked to the quality of the product and the raw materials used to manufacture it.

Do you know L’Antic Colonial’s AC5 floors?

L’Antic Colonial’s AC5 laminate flooring is an economical alternative to natural wood flooring.

Our ELEGANT and VIENA series offer high benefits, high quality, comfort, and warmth.

Both are available in various colors and are ideal for creating unique designs in exclusive environments. 

If you have any doubts, download our catalog with useful information about their characteristics.


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