What is AC6 flooring?

What is AC6 flooring?

17 July, 2023

Are you looking for a laminate floor with the best properties? AC6 is a high quality laminate flooring with the highest resistance in the market.

Resistance to shocks, scratches, and abrasion is one of the main characteristics of laminate flooring. 

This, together with its easy installation (click system), simple maintenance and cost, which is lower than other materials such as natural wood, has turned them into a great alternative for both residential and commercial spaces.

As we have already explained in other articles of our blog, laminate flooring or floating floors are classified according to their Abrasion Class, an expression that could be translated as «abrasion class» or «abrasion resistance».

Depending on this parameter, the different types of laminate flooring are classified from AC1 to AC6.

The relation between the AC number and the strength of the floor is proportional: the higher the first one, the higher will be the second one. So, AC1 flooring is considered the least resistant, while AC6 flooring is considered the most resistant.

Usually, the floors chosen for housing are laminates with AC4, AC5 and AC6 classification.

How do I know if a floor has an AC6 rating?

AC6 flooring doesn’t visually differ from other types of floating floors.

Its main difference is in the overlay (protective layer) that is added to the surface. The amount of AC6 overlay that is applied, along with the remaining layers that compose the laminate pieces. Something that is not visually noticeable. 

It is a ‘mistake’ to look for the difference between these floors by the thickness of the HDF board, since it is not necessary for it to be 12 mm, as this thickness can also be found in other sizes (8 mm in L’Antic Colonial).

To identify this floor, you will have to look at its label, where the letters AC followed by a number should appear. 

The AC Classification or System is an internationally recognized quality standard and associated with the UNE-EN 13329:2007 standard.

AC6 flooring

All manufacturers of laminate flooring and floating floors have to add this information in the description and characteristics of their products

As we have already mentioned, you can see it on the product packaging itself, but also on its commercial specifications, in catalogs and also on the manufacturer’s website.

However, what categorizes a laminate is its class of use, and not the AC classification.

Depending on several requirements, laminate flooring achieves a lower or higher usage class, from residential to commercial (from 21 to 34).

One of those requirements is the abrasion resistance (AC1 to AC6), although there is also: 

  • Impact.
  • Staining.
  • The effect of the furniture base.
  • The use of chairs with casters.
  • Thickness swelling.
  • Tensile strength of assemblies.
  • Surface pull-out resistance. 
  • Dimensional stability.

According to the values reached in each requirement, it will be classified with one class of use or another.

Why is AC6 flooring the most resistant on the market?

To categorize the different types of laminate flooring, a test known as the Taber Test is performed.

The Taber Test determines the abrasion class by running a sample of the material under a roller with sandpaper on it. 

The more spins the piece can withstand, the more resistant it can be considered.

To have an idea, AC4 flooring withstands more than 4000 spins, AC5 flooring more than 6500 spins and AC6 flooring more than 8500 spins.

Meaning, the AC6 floor supports more than twice as much as the AC4 and a third more than the AC5.  

As a result, the AC6 floor is currently considered to be the most resistant floor on the market.

AC6 flooring uses

AC6 floors are high-pressure laminate (HPL, or High Pressure Laminate) manufactured to handle extreme conditions.

Therefore, in addition to better resist to abrasion and wear, this type of floor is usually more resistant to water and humidity, and it also has fireproof, anti-slip and anti-static properties. 

Even so, it is important to emphasize that an AC6 floor doesn’t necessarily offer all the extra treatments (for example, some models are not waterproof) or even present a more exclusive design or finish.

Regarding its use, and while we can use it in all types of interiors, the AC6 floor is not typically installed in “conventional” housing because of its price, since it is quite high. 

Its application is more common in spaces that require a wooden floor since it is constantly and intensively being used, which makes it a good option for malls, stores, supermarkets, nightclubs, hotels and/or transport stations, among others.

Application of AC6 flooring in bathrooms and kitchens

The fact that an AC6 floor is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens is just an extra feature that the manufacturer wanted to add to the product, it doesn’t mean that it has this characteristic only because it’s AC6. With that being said, it is an aspect to take into consideration.

The manufacturer has developed a product that has AC6 abrasion resistance, as well as an HDF board with a lower swelling coefficient in terms of thickness, combined with a click system that gives it the characteristic of being suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. This is regardless of whether it is an AC6 or an AC5.

AC6 laminate flooring

Are you planning on installing laminate flooring in your house or business?

Laminate floors have become very popular thanks to their easy installation, competitive prices and simple maintenance. 

Another of its great advantages is its design: it presents the same number of alternatives for different types of woods that we can find in nature, as well as many other imitations that enlarge its catalog, adapting to all kinds of tastes and decorative styles

Normally, lighter laminate floors provide luminosity, while darker tones (such as dark brown and black) are perfect for modern spaces and the natural wood tones (oak, pine, or beech) fit in all types of rooms and spaces. 

Regarding its maintenance, it is best to purchase specific products that keep the laminate floor always protected, although some models include antibacterial, antistatic and anti-scratch treatments that make this task much easier. 

In L’Antic Colonial’s catalog, you will find laminate floors with different technical characteristics that meet different constructive requirements.

Our AC6 floors from the NATURAL series (AC6 NATURAL 1L GRANDE, AC6 NATURAL 1L MICHIGAN CLEAR, AC6 NATURAL 1L MYSTIC and AC6 NATURAL 1L YUKON) perfectly match the surface of lightly brushed natural wood, and are available in chromatic varieties that fit in with all types of spaces.

If you are looking for larger pieces, the SUPREME collection is an XXL format from L’Antic Colonial that offers different finishes, all with AC6 laminate, perfect for spaces with higher foot traffic.

Do you need more information about these products? Visit our website and, if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


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