What is black marble? Uses and applications

What is black marble? Uses and applications

27 September, 2023

Black marble has established itself as an exclusive and elegant stone, and kitchens and bathrooms made of this material leave no one indifferent.

Black marble is one of the best materials for countertops, floors and walls due to its durable nature and timeless appearance.

In fact, adding pieces such as a marble shower or sink, as well as in your kitchen, for example, will add a unique touch to your home.

Why is black marble so special?

Black marbles are limestones or black dolomites that have not undergone metamorphism (meaning they have not suffered alterations or modifications in their shape) so they keep some of their original characteristics, such as color, unaltered.

This type of marble is so dark because, during its formation, it received a high amount of carbonate sediments with a lot of organic material under oxygen shortage conditions.

In fact, some varieties of black marble are characterized precisely by their abundance of fossils.

Regarding what makes black marble such a special material, all we need to do is look at its veining, usually in light or bright tones which contrasts with the background, black or very dark gray, in a fascinating way.

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Black marble

Characteristics of black marble 

Most of the black marbles we see in kitchens and bathrooms have a very fine grain.

Some of its varieties, such as Nero Saint Laurent or Nero Port Saint Laurent, mix golden and white veins; while others, such as Fossil Black from Morocco, stand out because they have fossils that give each piece a very unique appearance.

From an aesthetic point of view, black marble has three characteristics that also represent three major advantages

  • Versatility. Black marble is a noble and very versatile material that fits both classic decoration as well as modern or minimalist styles. 
  • Timelessness. Black marble never goes out of style. It is considered a success as a coffee table or as a decorative element. We are certain that the investment is worth it. 
  • Aesthetics. Black marble floors are a real eye-catcher, and floors made of this material create mysterious and elegant atmospheres. In fact, the sole presence of black marble is a decorative feature, which is why it is highly demanded by decorators and interior designers when they want to create an exclusive environment. 

All of the above makes the use of this material a safe choice for luxury projects.

Applications and uses of black marble 

Its veining and intense color makes black marble a distinctive element in any living space

It is used to decorate different environments, we can see bathrooms and kitchens in black marble, hallways, and even facades and claddings.

Before detailing its different applications, we should point out it is a material that, as a general rule, is softer than white marble or gray marble and, therefore, it is also more likely to be scratched or worn out during its use.

If you want a black marble kitchen, a good alternative for the floor is to opt for a “checkerboard” composition that combines black pieces with white or other light tones such as beige, cream, or gray. 

 We can also find many elements for kitchens and bathrooms made of black marble, such as washbasins, shower trays, countertops, columns, bathtubs, tables, fireplaces, columns, etc.

The uses of black marble will also be determined by its finish, which can be: 

  • Polished.
  • Honed.
  • Sandblasted.
  • Bush-hammered.
  • Aged.

The first three are recommended for black marble floors in interiors; bush-hammered and aged finishes, for black marble floors in exteriors. 

Marbre noir

How to clean black marble? Care and maintenance 

Although the maintenance of all types of marble is quite simple, black marble is softer and more delicate than white marble, so it requires more caution. 

Cleaning black marble is a simple process, but it must be done frequently to avoid permanent stains.

The most important thing is to sweep it, vacuum it or use a white bristle brush to remove dust and dirt particles. 

To mop black marble floors, walls, showers or sinks, it is recommended to use warm water and neutral soap, draining the mop or cloth well, and always avoid abrasive chemicals or corrosive products.

To maintain the unique shine of black marble, you can use a professional polish containing oxalic acid.

For the floor, mechanical polishers can be used sporadically, although they should always be used by professionals because they wear out the floor.

Black Marquina and Habana Dark: black marble floors by L’Antic Colonial  

Black marble is one of our favourite materials.  

At L’Antic Colonial, we like to go for these personal finishes that provide neatness and elegance. 

Our NEGRO MARQUINA marble fits very well with this definition, and is ideal for small rooms or designer bathrooms.

This type of marble, of intense black color and soft and velvety texture, has white grains that are more or less concentrated depending on each piece, providing personality to each space.

If you are looking for a black marble for your kitchen, our HABANA DARK series in matt or polished floors can also give you very good results. 
Which option do you like best? Visit our catalog to see all the marble collections available at L’Antic Colonial.


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