What is white marble? Uses and applications

What is white marble? Uses and applications

20 September, 2023

White marble floors and walls never go out of style. We will explain how to use this material and how to integrate it in kitchens and bathrooms.

White marble stands out for its brightness and elegance.

Used in construction, as cladding and essential in exterior and interior design, is one of the musts to be used in many architectural and decorative projects. 

L’Antic Colonial’s extensive variety of white marble covers a wide range of possibilities and aesthetic combinations to suit all preferences.

What is white marble?

White marble is a metamorphic rock, composed of limestone rocks exposed to high temperatures and pressures. 

It is mainly made of calcium carbonate (more than 90% of its structure), which is very common in nature and gives its characteristic white color

In its natural form and as part of the outermost layer of the earth’s crust, white marble comes as a large irregular solid mass which, when processed, has a medium to coarse-grained texture.

Its production and handling, however, is relatively simple

In fact, cut in thin layers, it can become almost completely transparent. 

Once it is subjected to the abrasion polishing process, it achieves a stunning natural shine that gives it a feeling of purity and simplicity so characteristic and appealing.

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White marble

Characteristics of white marble and main variations

Resistance, hardness and durability are the three main characteristics of the different types of marble, and white marble is no exception. 

According to the Mohs scale (which is a way of measuring the hardness of minerals based on their ability to scratch or to be scratched) white marble has a medium hardness (it’s at level 3-4) and can be scratched by quartz, topaz and, certainly, by diamond.

As a curiosity, it’s worth mentioning that white marble is susceptible to hydrochloric acid (mixing the two will produce effervescence) and that the high degree of crystallization of the limestones that compose it produce a compact rock, very easy to handle and polish without chemical additives

Finally, depending on its base color and veining, we can find the following types of white marble:

  • Calacatta. 
  • Carrara. 
  • Tatuaretto.
  • Bianco lasa. 
  • Macael. 
  • Lilac. 
  • Thassos. 
  • Blanco tarco. 
  • Volakas. 

What is white marble used for? 

Despite the fact that it became a «classic», white marble continues to be an elegant, fashionable and luxurious material that can be placed almost anywhere in the house, from the entrance hall to the kitchen. 

Its unique attributes, such as its resistance to abrasion and pressure, multiply its applications and functionalities, including the following:  

  • Cladding for exteriors and interiors. 
  • Pavement for patios and gardens.  
  • Flooring for interiors. 
  • Flooring for stairs.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Decorative pieces.
  • Bathroom and kitchen furniture.
  • Bathtubs and shower trays. 
  • Exclusive washbasins.

Is white marble in the bathroom a good idea? 

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most common living spaces to use marble as a wall and floor coating. 

But is it a good option?

White marble is a perfect choice if you have a small bathroom or toilet, or one that lacks natural light. 

In both cases, it is important that the pieces chosen feature simple veins and are not too accentuated, since the objective is to make the room appear larger and not saturate it visually.

A good recommendation is the white marble from L’Antic Colonial’s ARCTIC WHITE series

More specifically, the ARCTIC WHITE PULIDO model, which is essentially smooth and suitable for installing on shower walls

Our GOLDEN WHITE LINES CLASSICO model, with a groove that creates horizontal lines, is also a good choice for cladding the walls of your bathroom in white marble

If we have a bigger bathroom, white marble on the floor will give it distinction and continuity.

We also suggest you to put white marble on the walls, however, you may choose to cover only some of them with this material. 

A good idea is to choose the wall where the bathroom furniture or the shower is placed.

White marble

Kitchen in white marble: the right choice!  

Marble guarantees functionality, originality and aesthetics for your kitchen, so it’s a great alternative to consider if you are going to remodel or renovate this part of the house.

Choosing this product will be a great choice: cleaning white marble is easy and looks perfect in any setting (classic, Nordic, modern, minimalist, etc.). 

Wondering if it looks too neutral or “impersonal”? 

As you know, white goes very well with dark tones and almost the entire palette of colors; even with the most striking ones, which you can use for furniture, appliances, decorative elements, etc.

You can also opt for models such as PERSIAN WHITE CLASSICO by L’Antic Colonial, which is an excellent recommendation for several reasons: it incorporates Bioprot protection (which reduces the growth of bacteria, something especially interesting in a space where food is prepared) and guarantees variations in tones between pieces, which could give a more personal touch to your white marble kitchen. 

Marble is a versatile material that can be used as flooring and cladding for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Discover our entire catalog and choose the model that best fits you.


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