A-cero and L’Antic Colonial create new models to round off the Spirit collection - L'Antic colonial

A-cero and L’Antic Colonial create new models to round off the Spirit collection

5 九月, 2012 | 未分類
A-cero and L’Antic Colonial create new models to round off the Spirit collection

Following the success of the Spirit collection last year, L’Antic Colonial and A-cero recently got together once again to create new designs for a series first launched at the last edition of Cersaie, in Bologna.

The latest additions to a collection inspired by architecture and a combination of straight and curved lines comprise a washbasin and mirror, three bathroom units and two wall coverings.

The bathroom units

Spirit II presents three new models, all with the same common denominator: interplay between lines and symmetry. The units all come in two versions, one that slopes rightward or leftward, so that the collection’s components can be combined in varying ways to suit each particular setting.

The units in the Spirit II collection feature a wood veneer finish. With a bold pleasant-feeling finish, they come in a choice of Roble Intenso (brownish wood with dark veins), or Roble Ceniza (a greyish surface with contrasting black veins).

The Spirit II Curvado bathroom unit

The star feature of this second collection, it is definitely the most distinctive, conveying the spirit behind Spirit II to perfection. A floor-standing unit measuring 53.1x85x50 cm, it features a curved top section where the drawer fits, lending it a sinuosity and irresistible visual appeal.

The Spirit II Pie bathroom unit

This unit stands out for its highly original trapezoidal shape and straight-lined design, with one sloping side. Featuring three drawers on two levels, like other models in the Spirit II collection, it comes in two versions: a rightward and leftward sloping one. The unit measures 53.1x85x50 cm.

The Spirit II Cajón bathroom unit

The new collection’s most versatile model, this wall-hung drawer unit measures 53.1x22x50 cm. Designed to add a lighter weight touch to bathroom layouts, like the rest of the collection it also brings a sensation of dynamism to settings.

The Spirit II washbasin

The Spirit II washbasin is conspicuous for its vertical design, unlike its earlier more horizontal-looking counterpart. Measuring 53.1×58.3×50 cm, it stands out for its curved face where the taps go, sloping round to the bowl. Available in A-cero Dark marble or A-cero Gloss limestone, it can be combined with bathrooms units from the collection to infuse smaller bathrooms with a sensation of visual harmony.

The Spirit II mirror

The Spirit II mirror is designed to match the washbasin from the same series, stretching it upwards. A straight-lined mirror, it fits on top of the washbasin, lending it added verticality. The mirror is available in three different heights: 90×45.5×2.5 cm, 130×45.5×2.5 cm and 150×45.5×2.5 cm.

Wall coverings

L’Antic Colonial and A-cero have created two new models: a new wall covering and a new mosaic. Made of natural stone, they are conceived to foster interplay with volumes and lines like the rest of the Spirit collection.

The Spirit II mosaic

Inspired by the concept of order/disorder, this 35x35x1/2cm mesh-mounted mosaic attempts to recreate the skyline of a city, taking advantage of the different volumes and dimensions of the sections that comprise it. The mosaic comes in black or white marble or a combination of both.

The Spirit II wall covering

A machined wall covering whose straight lines meet to create the visual effect of waves on the surface of the stone, it comes in a 40x80cm format in A-cero Dark marble or A-cero Gloss limestone.

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