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Design Series by L’Antic Colonial

24 一月, 2013 | 未分類
Design Series by L’Antic Colonial

In its revamped showroom, L’Antic Colonial is presenting a variety of different bathroom collections created by internationally known studios. Made of natural materials by this specialist member of Porcelanosa Grupo, the new products have been designed by A-cero, estudi{H}ac, Clodagh and L’Antic Colonial.

Spirit II by A-cero
A-cero, the architect’s studio headed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares, is currently presenting the latest additions to the Spirit collection. The new models feature the same architectural appearance as the collection’s original designs but in new formats where verticality has been given priority over a more horizontal focus. In this way, more versatile products have been achieved, perfect for places of more reduced dimensions.
The latest additions to a collection inspired by architecture and a blend of straight and curved lines comprise a washbasin and mirror, three models of bathroom unit and two wall coverings.

Azrama by Clodagh
The prestigious New York studio Clodagh has come up with a bathroom collection inspired by nature and Feng Shui harmony, aimed at improving life through minimalism. Clodagh presents five sculptural items in a setting designed to refresh the mind, body and spirit: a bathtub, shower tray, floorstanding washbasin and double washbasin on a tropical wood pedestal. The collection also includes bathroom units, a towel rail and a bench made of the same type of wood.

MEN{H}IR by Estudi{H}ac
MEN{H}IR was conceived with the idea of creating a stylishly elegant bathroom collection that exudes a strong sculp-tural appeal. Based on shapes initially inspired by Stonehenge’s standing stones, it also seeks to integrate a more formal concept of design so as to achieve end results with a strong linear purity.
By using marble and oak in a choice of different finishes and colours, a series of different combinations can be crea-ted to suit settings of all kinds.

Wood Lovers by L’Antic Colonial
With Wood Lovers, L’Antic Colonial wished to give free reign to its passion for wood. Four new models of real wood parquet flooring have been created, following substantial R&D: Mediterranean Vintage 1L, Warm Ocean 1L, Brown Lisbon 1L and Grey Newman 1L, offering a wide choice of formats, possible layouts, finishes, brushed effects and textures. All the products in the Wood Lovers by L’Antic Colonial range will stand out for one particular feature: their red core, ensuring greater dimensional stability and resistance to changes in humidity.

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