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THE NOTEBOOK OF Héctor Ruiz Velázquez

22 八月, 2013 | 未分類
THE NOTEBOOK OF Héctor Ruiz Velázquez

Héctor Ruiz Velázquez – RuizVelázquez | Architecture and Design – Madrid/Dubai

1 – Who is Héctor Ruiz Velázquez?

Architect with Masters Degrees from the Universities of Virginia, Harvard, and Columbia. Born in Puerto Rico and living in Spain since 1992.

2 – When did you discover that you wanted to be an architect?

A long time ago; my sensory connection with space manifested early, in my first school years.

3 – A reference in architecture…

The whole environment that surrounds us, nature, the history of man himself.

4 – If you had not been architect, you would have been…

I would have probably been a commercial pilot, I was in the air force for a year.

5 – One defect and one virtue.

Probably my passion for my work can be considered by those closer to me as a defect. And a virtue, my dedication to the things that I like.

6 – What is your house like?

Livable, white, comfortable, functional, emotional, for living in family and with friends.

7 – Sunday is a day for…

Sharing with my children, my wife, and my friends.

8 – A place to look for inspiration.

Around me, in my travels.

9 – What is the last book that you have read?

Why Architecture Matters by Paul Goldberger

10 – 15 Years from now…

Health, work, and new challenges throughout the world.

11 – When you think of architecture you think of…

Architecture is a way of thinking in itself that adapts to each life experience.

12 – Pencil or computer?

Pencil no doubt, to express myself through the stroke, through the gesture. I have a friend who collects my drawings wherever she finds them.

13 – How would you describe your work?

Passionate, chaotic, and serene at the same time, adaptable but rigorous in the way I look at architecture.

14 – One project you would like to do.

My new house or an airport. I am not sure which of the two is the greatest challenge for me.

15 – Your opinion of Spanish architecture.

It has very good professionals.

16 – How do you keep your own style while meeting your customers’ needs?

Many times my customers come to me because they have seen my projects before and want me to develop my style. This makes it easier for me to be myself.

17 – In architecture, what are you better at and what do you have more trouble with?

The moment of creation, of understanding and shaping the space is very interesting; the construction sometimes causes difficulties.

18 – Your recipe for success.

Be yourself

19 – What is the role of natural products in your projects?

An essential role for connecting with my architectural language

20 – Your flagship L’Antic Colonial product is…

Natural stone and Wood, which I chose for the latest project I made for the Trade Mark.

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